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When The Roles Reverse by Kissmyoops3
When The Roles Reverseby Zoey Johnson(:
[[Sequel]] Ellie has been murdered by none other than John. When Clayton finds out, he vows to destroy John. A fist fight between the two ends when they fall through the...
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100 Interviews with 100 Wattpad authors by EXTREMEmusiclover
100 Interviews with 100 Wattpad Janae c:
100 interviews with YOUR favorite wattpad authors!
Books & Sexes: Nico Mirallegro (UNEDITED) by virvsha
Books & Sexes: Nico Mirallegro ( virvsha
Everyone expect that the librarian is just nerdy old-fashion geeks who sit all day punching library cards. But this guy's not your typical. Guess what, he's hot! And whe...
The Opposite Sex by MilkandOreos
The Opposite Sexby Milk and Oreos
You've seen those chain emails that say "Sign your name at the bottom of this email, and we'll get more signatures that the guys!" Well, at Ridgeway high schoo...
General Raven by QUIETKRICKET
General Ravenby QUIETKRICKET
General Raven is sixteen years old, she lives in a world where benders get kidnapped to fight in a war between Thatu and her country Karas. They fight for freedom of the...
They Say by JazzMineFlower
They Sayby JazzMine Flower
A poem of equality of the sexes
Vampire Romance by rintanqianyong
Vampire Romanceby Rin Tan Qian Yong
Zen Halcele Gunter and Kira Helsin Brienne meet under awkward circumstances. But not long after, they begin to have feelings for each other. From there, trouble begins b...
Love Shot.. by liiph99
Love liiph99
Ari, 19 ans encore a la fac elle vit seule dans un quartier aisé de Londres. A son jeune âge elle a tout de même une vie sexuelle très agitée. tout le long de ce récit...
Emerald by gataylor
Emeraldby Gemma Alice Taylor
I was born just six weeks after the second Holocaust had begun, so I watched this whole thing unravel with tender eyes. I had schooling of course, up until the age of si...
The Divide by SarahReadsAlot
The Divideby Sarah Monrez
All throughout history, men and women haven't always gotten along that well; domestic violence, arguments, and sexism. No one thought it would lead to a war, then out of...
The VampWolves by shei_14
The VampWolvesby Sissy 💖
Sam McCall is a girl who is a vampire.She returns home and finds out she then becomes a wolf and her twin brother Scott.She then remembers she knows Stiles she's known...
OUR ORIGIN: OUR CHOICE? A Feminist View On Tradition, Religion & Issues by BenOdu
OUR ORIGIN: OUR CHOICE? A Marshall Ifeanyi
We live in a society that is frantically trying to define how men and women should live and interact together. We work together, study together and play together. Yet th...
Harry Potter and the Gender-Swap by Crazy_teen15
Harry Potter and the Gender-Swapby ultimate._.fangirl
What if every male character in Harry Potter was a girl and every girl character was a boy? The trio was two girls and a boy. The Maunders were four girls instead of boy...