Loving Steele (First book in Rivers series) by Blue_Flame24
Loving Steele (First book in Blue_Flame24
Steele was the next mafia boss. He had everything; money, power, women, authority...he had it all. In the mafia love means nothing. You respect your blood family and tha...
  • storm
  • romance
  • jennifer
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As luck would have it (bondi rescue fanfic) by abistarxoxo
As luck would have it (bondi abigail
UNDER EDITING-JULY 2016 Jorja Trini is a 22 year old, part time lifeguard from Britain who has dreamed of working at Bondi Beach for years, and as luck would have it, sh...
  • maroubra
  • lifeguards
  • surfing
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Night On Set ❁ COLIFER by theyshareguyliner
Night On Set ❁ COLIFERby theyshareguyliner
Summer of 2012: Colin O'Donoghue joins the cast of Once Upon a Time in Vancouver. When he meets his costar Jennifer, a new friendship is born. But what if their story...
  • colinodonoghue
  • france
  • night
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the love in  his eyes by RizwanaMasood
the love in his eyesby Rizwana Masood
as zoya is very happy that aditya is back in his life but aditya seemed a bit confused towards himself and zoya.he stated to love her but dont have guts to say.
  • hersherd
  • love
  • aditya
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The Grey Hues by SilverDoeCD
The Grey Huesby Cold Dragon
Meet Zoya Siddiquie the superstar. She is beautiful , bold and successful. Aditya Hooda the most handsome journalist. He could have been a serious reporter but took to t...
  • hurtfulwords
  • love
  • lovestory
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Her Unrequited Love - AdiYa FF by AvNeil_AdiZa
Her Unrequited Love - AdiYa FFby AvNeil_AdiZa
Cover Credits: @The_Maths_Girl Aditya and Zoya were best friends. They were in the same college, and knew each other inside out. What happens when Zoya, who never fell i...
  • jennifer
  • love
  • bepannah
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Socha Na Tha- Aditya-Zoya FF (Completed) by psupriya25
Socha Na Tha- Aditya-Zoya FF ( psupriya25
It is a love story of our favourite couple ADIYA 🙂😙😚
  • harshad
  • zoyadi
  • siddique
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Possessive Billionaire Mr. Jones by _ouat4evea_
Possessive Billionaire Mr. Jonesby ouat4evea
Highest Rank [#44 Romance] I continue to stare at those deep ocean blue eyes, "Of all the women you could have chosen to be interested in you choose me? Why? I'm br...
  • ceo
  • demanding
  • ouat
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2 | GREEN LIGHT. [SPENCER REID] by idkmags
two years ago, he was left with two words on a crinkled piece of paper. two words that would loom over him for days, incessantly taunt his mind for hours upon end. those...
  • reid
  • spencerreid
  • spencer
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White Noise || Spencer Reid [1] by voidIydia
White Noise || Spencer Reid [1]by ♡ adaline ♡
❝When I see you, it's like the whole world turns into white noise, and it's just you standing there -- somehow, keeping me here.❞ In which Caroline Lucas has dedicated...
  • jareu
  • jason
  • garcía
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Colby brock's princess ? by MXJENNIFER
Colby brock's princess ?by MxJennifer
Jennifer is a youtuber with 995k subs she is almost to a mil. One day a guy wanted to collab with her.lets just say goes down in the dm
  • youtuber
  • colbybrock
  • youtube
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sendrick & bechloe one shots :) by bxbykendrick
sendrick & bechloe one shots :)by blu 💫
One shots of anything :)
  • annakendrick
  • jenniferaniston
  • fatamy
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AdiYa FF - The Call of Destiny by Aishu_Writes
AdiYa FF - The Call of Destinyby Aishwarya
Aditya Hooda is a sincere police officer, who doesn't believe in destiny and holds himself totally responsible for anything right or wrong which happens in his life. He...
  • zoyasiddiqui
  • harshadchopda
  • pain
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The Fifth Floor ♡ COLIFER by theyshareguyliner
The Fifth Floor ♡ COLIFERby theyshareguyliner
When Jen and Colin meet for the first time, they immediately know that they get along and that they have chemistry. The countless hours on set bring them closer together...
  • onceuponatime
  • wattys2017
  • colifer
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Criminal minds characters x reader  by raejbrallier
Criminal minds characters x reader by raejbrallier
Criminal minds characters x reader Take requests just tell me who and if you want it Y/n or your name Both guy characters and girl characters can be requested
  • elle
  • hotch
  • reid
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Criminal Minds One Shots by crimiinalminds
Criminal Minds One Shotsby crimiinalminds
Collection of Criminal Minds one shots from my tumblr blog criminalimagines **i do not take requests on wattpad!**
  • aaron
  • morgan
  • prentiss
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Aditya and Zoya FF - Broken by sree07IF
Aditya and Zoya FF - Brokenby Sree07
This is a Fan Fiction of Aditya and Zoya of Bepannah. Aditya is a superstar and Zoya is a content writer who works for a Media group called Bollywood Vistas. Aditya's lo...
  • jennifer
  • siddiqui
  • hooda
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AdiYa FF - Dead in the Water by Aishu_Writes
AdiYa FF - Dead in the Waterby Aishwarya
Aditya's life has been a wreck ever since Zoya walked out of his life. Since then, he has quit enjoying his life, forgot to smile and relying on his work and his passion...
  • emotional
  • romance
  • intense
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Found On the Doorstep by Kendall_0213
Found On the Doorstepby Kendall
Little Taylor Ann is dropped off on the doorstep, in the dead of winter, at only eighteen months. Luckily, the owner of the house answers the door not long after she was...
  • lawrence
  • adhd
  • thgcast
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Criminal Minds OneShots by SpencerTheKitten
Criminal Minds OneShotsby Spencer Johnson
Just a bunch of oneshots... enjoy! You may request for lemons, smut, or fluff! WARNING: SOME CHAPTERS WILL INCLUDE KINK I DONT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS IN CRIMINAL MIND...
  • jj
  • aaronhotchner
  • davidrossi
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