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Surviving the Aces (#Wattys2018) by cc2casey
Surviving the Aces (#Wattys2018)by ItsKC
#1 in Distance #1 in Girlfriend #1 in Living #60 in Discover #2 in Brothers #5 in Love #45 in Teen Fiction #64 in Sadness #8 in Dance Eight boys. One girl. One grand hom...
Living with the Logan Boys (EDITING) by somethingforeveryone
Living with the Logan Boys ( Anna
Snow Thomson has had a pretty normal life.. as far as people can tell. No one knows what happened with her uncle and Snow thinks she'll never get away.. that is until he...
Lexie came back --- greys anatomy and supergirl crossover by Maries490
Lexie came back --- greys Maries490
Lexie faked her death and started a new life as Alex Danvers, one day she gets into a fatal accident and must go to the best hospital in the country. That hospital is Gr...
Living with the Walker Boys | PREVIEW ONLY by knightsrachel
Living with the Walker Boys | Rachel
Completed. Zoe Baker is 16. She and her father have always been close, he's the only person she's ever trusted. Then, Zoe's father has to move to Wyoming. Worse off, he...
Living With One Direction by lexababe1221
Living With One Directionby Alexa
   How would you feel if your family got in a car crash and died? Where would you go? What would you do? Meet Chloe Davis. She's 17. What she doesn't know, is that her l...
Haven (Eric x OC divergent ) by fangirl397
Haven (Eric x OC divergent )by —•*𝒩𝑒𝓇𝒹*•—
| CLICK FOR FULL SUMMARY | When a certain trainers sister transfers to dauntless to escape her evil father will she find the freedom she always dreamed about or will she...
Tame My Heart... Or Else by nessie64
Tame My Heart... Or Elseby Nessie
Liza has always been shy, afraid of being noticed. As a new school year starts though, she is forced to face unanswered questions. Why did all her friends move so sudden...
The Dare Games ✓ by halifornia
The Dare Games ✓by ziggy
For sixteen-year-old Parker Henderson, average and boring is her lifestyle. Until it isn't. One day into her junior year of high school she's given an invitation to join...
Love In The Mafia by Jaz2318
Love In The Mafiaby Jade
Jasmine is a bad ass with an attitude. She's the daughter of the king of the French Mafia. She's forced to marry the scariest, sexiest, and youngest mafia king of the It...
The Bestfriend  by auggiebaybeh
The Bestfriend by Rue~
August A. x Plusie love story~ Started may 17, 2020. "Not everyone one care about the money and the flex aslong as you are around or just breathing I am satisfied&q...
Living Like Sleeping Beauty by Claudiaxcf97
Living Like Sleeping Beautyby Claudia
Sleeping Beauty? Ha! That girl had it easy. My name is Morgan Peters and I fall asleep at random times of the day due to a condition I have called Narcolepsy. And becaus...
The Alphas HUMAN Daughter by Tia_McBrien
The Alphas HUMAN Daughterby TiaMcBrien
She was left on the door step of an Alpha. An Alpha who is loyal, caring, loving but who is strong mean and protective of the ones he loves and his pack. Miracle was a...
Love in rodeo by americanflower
Love in rodeoby americanflower
April Tuner a four time national barrel racing champion and Nick Smith a four time bull riding champion had married and had a beautiful daughter named May. May being jus...
Do You Love Me? (Ethan Nestor x Reader) by Riley_c13
Do You Love Me? (Ethan Nestor x 𝚁𝚒𝚕𝚎𝚢(𝚏4𝚏)
You had always lived in LA, and one day you run into Mark, Literally. And you then meet his best friend, Ethan, wandering aimlessly trying to find Mark's house. You were...
Living With Animals by SavWrites11
Living With Animalsby Sav
HIGHEST RANKINGS- #12 out of 6k in living- #1 out of 958 in Leukemia-#2 out of 1.06k in cancer patient--#18 out of 14.2k in parents. Thanks to everyone for 1k reads and...
Living With The Seven Bad Boys [Soon To Be Published Under CLP] by Gooorgeous02
Living With The Seven Bad Boys [ Gooorgeous02
(Now available on Psicom app) Ezra Jin Medina ran away from their house because her parents are forcing her to accept the fixed marriage with the son of their business p...
Living With My History Teacher  by cravetoread
Living With My History Teacher by cravetoread
She was damaged and thought hell was nowhere else but her very own home. There was no escape from it. He just wanted to return to his carefree days. The idea of facing a...
The Baby (BXB) {MPREG} [ON HOLD] by LunaPack
The Baby (BXB) {MPREG} [ON HOLD]by Meggers
{viewer discretion is advised- BxB moments- I warned u- may offend- mature scenes-mpreg.} don't know if this will actually happen^ A vampire BxB couple decide to have a...
Living with a Vampire (Completed) by KeyDeeGee
Living with a Vampire (Completed)by KDG
Vladimir Villalobos has lived for centuries alone in his house with Anton Aguilar, his servant. When Valerie Roman , an innocent girl with a secret even she doesn't kn...
Honey in a Fist by theletter-L
Honey in a Fistby lucky
standing before you holding my soul in my hands would you like a piece? Jumping on the haiku bandwagon (mostly me just rambling and having a good time) COVER IS BY THE...