The 4 Horsemen of Highschool // Highschool DxD x Male Reader by PitaNemuritoare
The 4 Horsemen of Highschool // The Loner
Strife, Fury, War...Death...4 individuals that were once feared by both, Angels and Devils. Even God and Satan would have problems in taking them out. That's how powerfu...
  • devils
  • adventure
  • angels
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Seven Deadly Sons I (boyxboy) ✓ by MyWickedWays
Seven Deadly Sons I (boyxboy) ✓by N
(SEVEN DEADLY SONS I) Lust, Glutton, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride. These are the SEVEN DEADLY SINS that humans have constantly been committing for as long a...
  • kpop
  • comedy
  • school
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Highschool DxD/Monster Hunter World: Rais x Futa Elder Dragon x Akeno by Zillaworld
Highschool DxD/Monster Hunter ZillaWorld
(I do not own Highschool DxD and I do not own Monster Hunter World or any of the characters. Monster Hunter is own by Capcom.) Takes place around the beginning of season...
  • kiba
  • xenojiiva
  • elderdragon
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Highschool DxD : The Spirit Of The Rider by AnimeLoverDxD19
Highschool DxD : The Spirit Of AnimeLoverDxD19
To all those who have sinned beware, he will come you can not run nor can you hide, he will not stop, he will not rest until the blood of the innocents, at day he lives...
  • devils
  • ghostrider
  • highschooldxd
Highschool DxD : Dovahkiin(remake) by AnimeLoverDxD19
Highschool DxD : Dovahkiin(remake)by AnimeLoverDxD19
Y/n L/n a 19 year old boy who attends Kuoh academy, while everyone thinks he's just an normal boy he is something more powerful than anyone could think of, he was the ul...
  • magic
  • dovahkiin
  • vampire
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Seven Deadly Sons II (boyxboy) ✓ by MyWickedWays
Seven Deadly Sons II (boyxboy) ✓by N
(SEVEN DEADLY SONS II) The Seven Deadly Sons have now teamed up with the enemy and have finally betrayed their king. But will they continue to walk the path th...
  • devils
  • comedy
  • lgbt
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RISE (A Highschool DxD Fanfic) by RickyRich_27
RISE (A Highschool DxD Fanfic)by TheGeniusOtaku
A forgotten dragon, exiled for being the weakest of them all, returns with a vengeance, to prove her worth to the other dragons. Y/N, an ordinary boy with no special tal...
  • fallenangels
  • fanfiction
  • koneko
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The Black Dragon Of The Apocalypse by AnimeLoverDxD19
The Black Dragon Of The Apocalypseby AnimeLoverDxD19
Great red and ophis the 2 strongest dragons in the world the 3 factions respect and fear them but only a few people know something out there even more fearsome than 2 of...
  • demon
  • highschooldxd
  • dragon
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A Saiyan Returns To Kuoh (On Hold) by Undeadhdez
A Saiyan Returns To Kuoh (On Hold)by Undeadhdez
(Y/N) an 7 yr old saiyan who is labeled a traitor by his own saiyan race decides to leave Planet Vegeta in hopes of finding a better life. After his ship begins to malfu...
  • malereader
  • dxd
  • angels
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The Fell Dragon ( Highschool DxD x Male Reader ) by xDarkStar204
The Fell Dragon ( Highschool DxD xDarkStar204
Dragons,beings created from huge masses of energy.Always free willed and unbound by anything.Yet,the ''broken'' ones,took that to another degree.Evil dragons,dragons tha...
  • issei
  • dragons
  • adventure
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E.N.D The Strongest Being by AnimeLoverDxD19
E.N.D The Strongest Beingby AnimeLoverDxD19
In the underworld there's a legend of a demon so powerful that even Great Red fears, this beings legend was use to scare young devils into behaving, even the Gremory fam...
  • end
  • devils
  • demonreader
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Life as a Saiyan-Devil [DragonBall x Saiyan!Male!Reader x HighschoolDxD] by TheWidowMaker
Life as a Saiyan-Devil [ OnHaitus
[ARC II: New life?] & [ARC III: The King And His Queens.] {COMPLETED} Y/N L/N is back again. Now a Devil-Saiyan, more powerful than ever. Now that things have settled do...
  • malereader
  • magic
  • dragonballsuper
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God Of All Dragon's x Koneko by AnimeLoverDxD19
God Of All Dragon's x Konekoby AnimeLoverDxD19
You are the God Of All Dragon's but you go by the name of Y/n L/n as the title says you are the one who give life to all dragons even ophis and great red but being a dra...
  • angels
  • gods
  • devils
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High School Dxd x Op Oc/Male Reader by DragonNote
High School Dxd x Op Oc/Male Readerby DragonNote
Ryo(or your character) is just your regular high school kid. Scratch that, he's anything but regular. He is a ghoul, a species long forgotten. He weilds the Kusanagi no...
  • harem
  • lemons
  • asia
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The Untameable King by AnimeLoverDxD19
The Untameable Kingby AnimeLoverDxD19
Y/n Indomiuns you are one of the most deadliest killing machine on the planet you have even gained the respect from all dragons who now your not someone to mess with it...
  • indominus
  • devils
  • highschooldxd
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Hidden University by Julieepao
Hidden Universityby Julieepao
Highest Rank: 🏅#22Mystery/Thriller *School for Devils😈* Some secrets might kill you. Prepare yourself when you already get the secrets you want to know, they might giv...
  • devils
  • love
  • mysterious
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Doom Slayer Male Reader x High School DxD   by JoeTheDemonShadow
Doom Slayer Male Reader x High JoeTheDemonShadow
After being betrayed by Dr Samuel Hayden (y/n) finds them self in a universe without Argent without Demons but this new world has Devils
  • reader
  • angels
  • weapons
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Highschool DxD : The Dragon God Of Death And The Void by AnimeLoverDxD19
Highschool DxD : The Dragon God AnimeLoverDxD19
Y/n L/n has the biggest secret that not even his family knows about, he is the wielder of both the Dragon's Gods of Death and the Void he had awakened them at the age of...
  • dragons
  • dragongods
  • devils
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Highscool dxd X Male Black Death Dragon Reader  by -Jotaro-Kujo-
Highscool dxd X Male Black Death JoJo
what happens when a young man with equal power to big red and ophis meets a couple of devils. But it's not what you think
  • reader
  • sacredgear
  • malereader
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The Saints Of Kuoh by AnimeLoverDxD19
The Saints Of Kuohby AnimeLoverDxD19
after defeating Satan both you and gat are called to god who is in your debt gat asks god to find a new home for you and the gang and he has a place in mind as for you y...
  • fallenangels
  • mrader
  • gat
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