Angels and Demons Within by RyvBurns
Angels and Demons Withinby Ryvern Ryndelle
Raiven. A name that the 3 faction never forget. But disappear along as time pass. He changed his name to Ryvern. No one knows why except for the one who made it. He foun...
  • highschooldxd
  • fanfic
  • ryvern
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High School Dxd x Op Oc/Male Reader by DragonNote
High School Dxd x Op Oc/Male Readerby DragonNote
Ryo(or your character) is just your regular high school kid. Scratch that, he's anything but regular. He is a ghoul, a species long forgotten. He weilds the Kusanagi no...
  • akeno
  • lemons
  • highschooldxd
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obsidian's reign by mikozaki
obsidian's reignby 𝙨𝙝𝙮𝙧𝙖
Obsidian - a colour as dark as the never-ending abyss in the shadowy realms of the Underworld, the colour of Clara Avery's tresses, and the inevitable shade of the futur...
  • king
  • hades
  • princess
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Highschool DxD/Monster Hunter World: Rais x Futa Elder Dragon x Akeno by Zillaworld
Highschool DxD/Monster Hunter ZillaWorld
(I do not own Highschool DxD and I do not own Monster Hunter World or any of the characters. Monster Hunter is own by Capcom.) Takes place around the beginning of season...
  • akeno
  • devilsvsangel
  • elderdragon
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Beauty and the Rage; larry stylinson ( bottom!louis top!harry ) by larryent
Beauty and the Rage; larry Jasmine Bukowski
Louis Tomlinson, the Beauty. Bright, innocent, naive, and pure. He was raised in the light, the one of the sun. Harry Styles, the Rage. Cold...
  • topharry
  • boyxboy
  • demonharry
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High School dxd | Infinite Blade Dragon God | fanfic by surge_gdog
High School dxd | Infinite Blade J@K€r.JeyaRTi.Genn
Luke Smith is a 27 years police his rank is lieutenant, he achieved many medals about saving a child inside the burning truck, tracking some drug users, arresting some t...
  • kiba
  • not-ecchi-issei
  • issei
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The Devil's Hell University by RoselynBanlasan
The Devil's Hell Universityby Roselyn Banlasan
She is Choria. When her mom died she felt alone but when the six arrived in her life, it changed. Nabawas bawasan ang kanyang kalungkutan dahil nakahanap sya ng mga kaib...
  • devils
  • hell
  • romance
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Lucifer|Highschool Dxd| OCxHarem   by give-me-cookies
Lucifer|Highschool Dxd| OCxHarem by give-me-cookies
what if Grayfia wasn't supposed to marry Sirzechs but someone else and after his supposed death she was forced to marry Sirzechs. What would this person's return mean to...
  • rias
  • anime
  • angel
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highschool dxd: man of magic by merlin0911
highschool dxd: man of magicby merlin0911
mato is one of the 10 strongest humans on earth he is also a decendet of Merlin and has the sacred gear BLADE BLACKSMITH and has come to kouh academy on business what wi...
  • fategrandorder
  • fallenangles
  • serafall
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TAKE MY HAND ⁿᶜᵗ ᵃᶠ ᵎ by wonpiri
TAKE MY HAND ⁿᶜᵗ ᵃᶠ ᵎby youth
school festivals are always memorable, especially when your date turns out to be the devil. NCT DREAM APPLYFIC !
  • jeno
  • af
  • mark
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High School Dxd: Dawn of the Universe Dragon God by SwitchBlad
High School Dxd: Dawn of the SwitchBlad
Young Abslon Nightslash is the son of the almighty Universe Dragon and the Dimension Rift Dragon. The young lad is sent into a certain universe as a young baby because h...
  • adventure
  • universe
  • dimensions
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His Neko by luvtofu
His Nekoby Lieutenant Fries
She was his, and his only. No one could have her.
  • lucyheartfilia
  • natsu
  • neko
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Highschool DxD: The Devilish Angel  by KillerExile
Highschool DxD: The Devilish Angel by Child Of Calamity
(Y/N) was a average student to most people but nobody knew he was struggling to get by as he tried to take care of himself and his little sister as they had no home to g...
  • dxd
  • harem
  • malereader
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The third dragon by DylanBadier
The third dragonby Green phoenix
you all know about the red and white dragons but what if there was another that kept the other two in balance and out of trouble at least enough so the world isn't destr...
  • devils
  • dragons
  • angles
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Satan's Little Girl by XxCocoChloexX
Satan's Little Girlby Kuroe <3
Akumi Lightwood has been killed in an accident, she is supposed to go to Heaven, and become an angel but something goes wrong and she falls into the fires of Hell, wha...
  • angels
  • heavenhell
  • akumi
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Highschool DxD: Reincarnation by Shirou_Oborozuki
Highschool DxD: Reincarnationby Viole The Violin
Shirou Oborozuki is your normal NEET. After beating Dark Souls 3 using deprived, he was given the blessing of the God of Games and reincarnated into the world of Highsch...
  • abilities
  • devils
  • supernatrual
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Just a normal life (OP Malereader X Hightschool DxD) by kawininja
Just a normal life (OP kawininja
Enjoy this story no spoylers sorry
  • sona
  • kiba
  • nightmare
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Tales of reincarnation: Second life in another world  by JohnPaul-sensei
Tales of reincarnation: Second JohnPaul-sensei
Reyne Kurogane, 16 yrs old, Died while Fighting Criminals that makes them hostages and tried to kill peoples in the bank. He left the earth at such young age. Shin Huled...
  • devils
  • dragons
  • swordsmanship
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Highschool DxD: The Demon God  by _RottenPotato_
Highschool DxD: The Demon God by *random name*
Lux Arcadia. That name, that harmless name that can make 3 fractions faint, shake, scream, run, piss themselves, and make them want to die. Even their leaders are scared...
  • issei
  • angels
  • opmc
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