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Bottoms (StudxFem) by Anonymous5500
Bottoms (StudxFem)by Anonymous5500
'From The Bottom Of The Bottoms There Was Nothing Under Me' Rico is a 17 year old stud From the bottoms of toronto the only thing she loves more than basketball is trapp...
  • lgbt
  • toronto
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You'll be Alright [BTOB - Jung Ilhoon] by aabraa
You'll be Alright [BTOB - Jung Cathlyn Flores Abracosa
Jung Ilhoon doesn't like skinship, well more like he doesn't like to be touched in general because of his dark past. A dark past that was left 3 years ago came back to h...
  • btob
  • beat
  • peniel
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Assassin Mate + Possessive Alpha = One Fun Ride by ninja_kittyXD
Assassin Mate + Possessive Alpha Shaine
Emmet is a badass Assassin. And she has been one since her parents died. She and her twin are a rare form of werewolves. They can shift into both felines and wolves. Now...
  • birth
  • feline
  • children
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Whiterun Guard X Reader: Arrow to the Knee by memes_love_poptarts
Whiterun Guard X Reader: Arrow Jem
[SLOW UPDATES] Y/N thought he was like every other guard; but she was very wrong. Begging to go on adventures, she decided to take the guard on adventures! Story (duh)...
  • whiterunguardxreader
  • whiterunguardxdragonbornreader
  • dragonborn
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Divided Territory by Whynotagain
Divided Territoryby Jade
The day Irongate Penitentiary closes down, Emerald Spector shifts for the first time and falls to her death from her apartment balcony. Three weeks later, the Peterson t...
  • wolves
  • human
  • mark
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Mating Season 2 ~An Aarmau Fanfic~ by AphCorgi
Mating Season 2 ~An Aarmau Fanfic~by Kitty
This is the sequel Of Mating Season; Will Aphmau Finally have her And Aaron's Pups? Will she Find out Ein's Secret? Will the pups be utima's?
  • born
  • fanfic
  • aphmau
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Broken Stronger and Flawless *ON HOLD* by FangsandVeins
Broken Stronger and Flawless *ON Tabby
Slow updates (Sequel to Born Hated and Found) Its been months since Kayla made that deal with Klaus. She sacrificed her freedom for the one she loved and she made unity...
  • fan
  • found
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A Chance To Be With You by artpopsicles
A Chance To Be With Youby that rah rah bi†ch
"I never had an experience like this. I'd never been anywhere near someone like this...I'm just so glad God gave her the talent that she has and he chose her, becau...
  • astarisborn
  • tố
  • cooper
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The Bullied Slytherin (draco x reader x harry) by fanficqueen1203
The Bullied Slytherin (draco x Charlie The gamer
A 11 year old muggle born girl finds out she is a witch. but, when she was being sorted into her house something unexpected happens, she was sorted into slytherin! the...
  • reader
  • born
  • crabbe
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Paul and Bella imprint story by JohnnyOrlandofan1
Paul and Bella imprint storyby JohnnyOrlandofan1
What if Edward leaves and Paul imprints on Bella then Bella phases and finds out Billy is her dad and Jacob is her brother and her are Rachel and Rebecca and her mom is...
  • angela
  • antidote
  • vampires
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