Chapter 19 - Chaos in Verden

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Chapter 19 – Chaos in Verden

Her first instinct was to turn to Scott’s Verden body and tell him what was on her mind, but the area around her had her frozen in her place.

What was once a beautiful green forest was now a charred wasteland. Somehow, in the midst of everything, she and Scott’s bodies had been protected. There wasn’t a single burn on the flesh. There were even small patches of grass surviving where she had been lying.

What had happened here?

When she had been told of the chaos here she had believed something was wrong, but she hadn’t known it would be this terrible. It looked to be the aftermath of the largest forest fire ever known to man. Is that why Katha had needed her help?

Everything looked dead for as far as she could see, and with her Verden sight, it was pretty far. It weighed on her heart as she took in the death around her.

Had she stayed, could she have done something to stop this destruction from occurring?

“There is no sense in blaming yourself for this. It had been months since you left. Had you stayed, I’m sure you wouldn’t have been in the right mind.” Katha came up from behind her and rested her hand on her shoulder. “Come, there may not have been something you could do before, but there is now.”

Nodding she stood, glancing down at Scott’s nearly lifeless body. She knew he was still alive, but her chest ached looking at him like that. It reminded her of all the time she had spent here away from him.

“He will come when he can, but he must keep our mother safe. As terrible as this world is, they aren’t only looking for us here. Though she can’t travel the worlds, she still has plenty of power they are dying to get their hands on. They will stop at nothing.”

She frowned, finally looking away from the body. “There is a way to stop them though, right?” She didn’t know if she could handle knowing that there wasn’t a way to stop whoever had destroyed such a beautiful place. Whoever had that much power had to be stopped.

“Yes, that’s why you’re here. I tried to stop them, but I wasn’t strong enough. I only barely managed it out of there alive. I probably would be dead had Toran not dragged me away from them, telling me I needed more help before I killed myself.” She sent a thankful smile to the man that stood right beside her before looking back, any trace of a smile gone. “Our people were killed. There wasn’t anything we could do before it was too late.” A tear slid down the corner of her eye and Ashley immediately pulled her in for a hug.’

She was one of the only people it didn’t feel weird showing an emotional attachment to. She could actually only name three people: Scott, little Ashley, and Katha. Sure, she was great friends with Julian, but she couldn’t imagine herself giving him a hug. That just seemed weird.

“Don’t blame yourself, Katha. You said it yourself, there was nothing else you could do without getting yourself killed. And, believe it or not, I am not okay with you getting killed. I’ve always wanted a sister and now that I have not one, but two, I don’t want to lose either one of you.”

A hand appeared on her shoulder, resting gently. “It is time to move. The body is protected and will remain so as long as either one of us is alive. The sooner we rid this world of these people the sooner she can begin to heal. It has been a long time since she was forced to call on help as she has now, but we cannot fail her. She is counting on us.”

The way he spoke of the world as a person wasn’t lost on her, but she was used to it. It seemed being the leader of a people made him much more aware of the life around him. It made him see that the world isn’t just a world; it was a living thing, just like everything on it.

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