Chapter 8 - Another world

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Chapter 8 – Another world


Little A giggled as the door opened.

Ashley tried to find something to hide behind as she heard Scott and Julian's voices carry through the small apartment.

"Ashley?" She froze at the voice behind her. "What did you do to this place?"

Little A giggled again. "I'm not Ashley."

She imagined Julian would be raising his brows in question. "So if you're not Ashley, then who are you?"

Another giggle. "I'm Little A!"

He chuckled. "All right, I guess I can roll with that. Now, what did you do to poor Ashley over there? She looks as white as a ghost."

Ashley barely managed to keep herself from finding a place to hide and staying there for the rest of her life because she was so embarrassed.

"We were cooking!" Little A held up her spatula that was covered in pancake batter.

"If you asked me, I'd say it looks more like you had a food war in the kitchen." Ashley's face burned with embarrassment as she realized how she looked. "If you were cooking, where is the food?"

Little A frowned as she looked around. "I think it ran away." She scratched her head, getting more batter in her already covered hair.

Julian was laughing as if the whole situation was hilarious; Ashley thought it was anything but hilarious.

"Well, thanks for leaving me with a child this morning. You can have her back. I'll be in the shower getting ready for today."

She walked past Julian, not meeting his eyes, but froze when she saw Scott. He was staring at her with what she thought was wonder and amusement.

She barely registered that Julian was talking to the little girl about getting cleaned up.

After what seemed like forever she broke the eye contact and muttered something about quickly showering to clean up the mess she was.

As she walked to the bathroom she could feel Scott’s eyes on her the entire time. It felt strange being watched and it made her highly uncomfortable.

When the door was finally shut behind he she let out a sigh, closing her eyes as she tried to calm her raging emotions. She didn’t know what she was feeling, but it wasn’t normal; and it certainly wasn’t for her.

She wanted everything in her life to just remain as simple as it was, but it seemed the world didn’t agree. Simply meeting Scott and Julian had changed her life forever. Whether it was for the good or the bad, she didn’t know.

As she heard shuffling on the other side of the door she moved away and glanced in the mirror. A squeak of surprise escaped her as she took in what had happened to her.

There was batter all over her. In her hair, on her face, and covering quite a few patches of her clothing.

She didn’t know cooking with little kids would be so hard. She didn’t even know cooking was hard. She never cooked at home because they always said the food had to be perfect and she didn’t know a thing about cooking. They hadn’t wanted to teach her how to take care of herself so she would remain dependent on them.

The initial shock of her appearance wore off and she started laughing.

Having the little Ashley around had been fun. Sure, it had been strange waking up from her, and she wouldn't want to do it again, but it was still fun.

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