Chapter 20 - Richy Rich Rich

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Chapter 20 – Richy Rich Rich

“So, Katha, as the forest told me what happened to it, it also sort showed me the life of two of the three boys. I know you ran into them, so I don’t know if you asked the forest for all the details, but it might actually be a good idea. I also know that you’ve met one of them before running into them with the fire. I think his name was Rok?” She made it a question, trying to see if Katha would correct her if she were wrong.

“It’s actually Roken. He seems to be going by something else, though. It may be so no one can just say his name. There are more than me that has the ability I have, though few, they are out there. It seems I’ve gotten it from our mother.”

Ashley frowned as she remembered when she had last seen the woman. “When she was showing me how to get here from wherever I wanted, she was holding my hands, and she hadn’t let go. How is she not here with us? Does it have anything to do with her already dying here?”

Katha shook her head. “That actually has nothing to do with it. If someone were to bring her here now she would merely be in her body she has now. She wouldn’t transfer bodies as we do. The reason she isn’t here with us is very simple. When transferring from your world to ours, you must use the gateway if you want to bring anyone. It doesn’t work the same way here, mainly because it’s a safety hazard for these people, but your people were never supposed to have access to our world in the first place. We were banned from traveling worlds long ago, before the first Unknown, but when they came they used their crafts and created a doorway. If they hadn’t escaped through the doorway they would not have lived to see the next sunrise. I guess it’s a good thing they did what they did. If they hadn’t, neither of us would be here today, but then maybe none of this disaster would have taken over the forest.”

They continued walking in silence. They had asked the remaining life in the forest to show them where the boys had gone. It was a long shot because in their distress they hadn’t been paying attention to the world around them, but, after asking the entire forest, there was one that had lived more than others. Not surprisingly, it was an Elder Tree, a tree that had lived since the beginning of the forest, and it was in their nature to watch over the rest of the trees.

Toran was walking a few yards away, keeping an eye on them while also watching for any suspicious, and non-suspicious, creatures.

Katha had suggested they try and find any survivors and help them to get to a new home. Apparently she had the ability to send a small creature to another home if they were in need.

It was hard and obviously drained her energy, but she did it happily for each and every one of the small creatures they ran into.

As hours passed and the sun began to set Ashley knew they needed to ask the trees for help again. They hadn’t seen a single sign of the boys and they were all starting to get tired, Katha more than any of them.

She glanced at Toran and waited for him to look at her before waving him over. Without a second thought he was heading over to her and they walked a few paces behind Katha. “Did you need something?”

She shrugged. “We need to talk to the trees. Something isn’t right and I can feel it. If Katha wants to keep walking we can, but I’m going to talk to the forest. I understand that I won’t be able to walk and will basically be gone from my body, so I was wondering if you’d carry me until I get back.”

A strange gleam appeared in his eyes and he immediately picked her up, carrying her bridal style. “I like you in my arms.” Her cheeks heated slightly, but she pushed it away. He was practically her brother! She couldn't feel things like that for him.

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