Chapter 21 - Plans

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Chapter 21 – Plans

A shiver racked through his body as she tried to make the sensation go away. It was stronger than it had ever been. She was foolish to have spoken. She should’ve known something like this would’ve happened.

She took a few steps back, stumbling out of the cave.

It was happening again. The one thing she didn’t want to have happen again it now happening. Why now?

That was the only thing that ran through her mind. Why did it have to happen now?

Everything was going just fine, she could even say it was perfect, but she had to go and ruin things like she always did.

As she took another step back she lost her balance, but instead of falling arms grabbed her, pulling her back up to her feet. She was spun and was now looking at Rok. He looked angry, furious even.

“What is going on here?”

She shook her head. There was no way she could tell him what was happening to Richard. “D- d- don’t t- touch me. Stay away.” She pushed out of his arms, stumbling away from the hidden cave. She couldn’t do this. This wasn’t part of the plans. This was so wrong. He wasn’t supposed to be there. He wasn’t supposed to have access to this world.

How did Richard come into play in all this? How was he able to be in Verden? Sure, it was obvious he was Unknown, but how? Who was his parent?

The only male Unknown she could think of, was Scott’s dad, but what happened to him? Scott had said he had died. Had he made a life for himself in Verden? Did he have a family?

Even if that happened it still didn’t answer how Richard had become an Unknown. He didn’t live in Verden. She had known Richard most of her life and had been with him for three years of it. He didn’t look as though he thought he was in a new world. He belonged there, not here.

Continuing away from the cave, she stumbled through the desolate fields. They wouldn’t accept her anymore, just like her friends. It was happening all over again. She wouldn’t be accepted anywhere by anyone. She couldn’t go back home. No one would accept her.

Why was she so stupid? How could she make the mistake again?

Hands grabbed her and she blindly fought against them. “No… no…”

“Ashley, calm down. Calm down.” The voice made her slightly calm, but it also opened the floodgate of tears she had locked up the moment she messed up. “Don’t cry.” The hands pulled her forward and she was suddenly wrapped in a hug. “There’s no need to cry now. You’re safe. I’ve got you.”

The tears only increased. Why did he have to be so nice to her? She had messed up so badly. “I messed up. I betrayed them. I betrayed them all.”

She was pulled back and the soft hands cupped her face. “Open your eyes Ashley, really open your eyes.”

She was afraid for what would happen, but she listened to him. He was the only person that understood everything about her. He smiled that sweet smile she had missed ever since she left.

“I came as soon as I could, but I won’t be able to stay long. I just needed to be sure you were okay.” His left hand lifted and skimmed her forehead where she had been hit with the rock. “Katha came and told me what happened. I wish I could’ve been there to help you.”

A sigh of relief escaped her as she noticed he hadn’t changed at all. Her eyes didn’t Affect him and she knew that was one of the main things that made being around him so easy. He could deal with every part of her and nothing mattered but being together.

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