Chapter 16 - Richard

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Chapter 16 – Richard

Nerves ran through her as she waited for the door to open. She could hear voices inside, yelling, and she knew it was about her. She knew Julian would have contacted Scott before she managed to reach his house, but she hoped she’d be able to explain herself. She didn’t know what had happened to make Julian so mad at her. All she knew was that it had something to do with Mrs. Kane.

The strangest thing when she was looking in the phone book for a number to call, there had been one that only had ‘Mrs. Kane’. No first name. She had somehow known that was who she wanted to talk to, and had called that one without even trying the others. She had been right, but it just brought a whole new onslaught of questions to her mind.

The door slowly swung open and she saw a fuming Scott. “You lied to us.”

She frowned at the accusation. “I never lied to you Scott. Please, just let me explain. You guys don’t understand.”

He shook his head with a rueful smile. “No, I understand perfectly. You used me to get to her. There’s no other reason you would’ve asked me what her last name was. I was so stupid. Had you asked Julian, he would’ve seen what you wanted immediately, but I was so blind. You know, that thing with your parents was really smart. It got both of us fooled. It made you look like a fragile girl that needed help, but that was the last thing you needed. No, you wanted to get to her. I was so stupid to believe everything was real. I was so blind.”

A tear fell from her cheek and his eyes momentarily softened, but they were back to the hard exterior he had just created a moment later. “I’m sorry Scott. I really am. I never wanted to hurt you, especially you. Do you remember that promise you made earlier today? The promise… about helping me find my real parents?”

He nodded as his eyes softened again, only this time, they stayed that way.

“Well, I didn’t tell you before, but I know most of what happened to my parents.” Her legs felt wobbly so she sat on the porch steps, her back to him. She couldn’t face him while crying. “I talked to Toran’s sister in Verden. She’s an Unknown, that’s what we are in their world. She’s my sister. Of course, that doesn’t make Toran my sister. Me and her share the same mom, but we have different dads. That’s how she and Toran are siblings. They have the same dad, so he isn’t related to me. But that’s not the point. Katha, that’s her name, watched her mom, our mom, die in front of her. But the funny thing is, when an Unknown dies in one world they live in the other one. They can’t travel anymore, but they still have another life. My dad, he went to Verden with my mom, but he didn’t leave with her. He was killed because he didn’t belong there. It’s the way of the world.” A sob escaped her and she had to stop to take a deep breath and try to calm her crying.

“Ashley I…” She shook her head, stopping him from continuing. If he didn’t want to listen to her, he didn’t have to, but she needed to get everything off her chest.

“My mom came back here because she had never died here. I don’t know why none of you saw her if her body was left here, but somehow she had returned. I didn’t think I’d ever find her, and actually didn’t care, not anymore. She wasn’t there for me, and I had a new family I thought loved me. Maybe I was wrong, but I thought I could stay here. I didn’t need anything else.” Scott sat beside her, but he wouldn’t touch her.

Maybe he’d listen to her explanation and then make her leave. At least she’d have everything out in the open.

“And then little Ashley comes into play. She was so adorable I immediately loved her, and I actually trusted her too. It was funny, I tried pushing her away too, but it didn’t work. There was just something about her that I felt I needed to be close to. Julian even used me to help her to be happy when he couldn’t do it himself. That’s when she turned everything upside down. This was when I was listening to that song from you. It was actually after I had gotten home late that night. She told me why she wasn’t happy. Her mom had a problem she was dealing with, at first I thought maybe it was just her going crazy for a while, but then I looked her up. It’s funny how in the phone book she’s only Mrs. Kane. It seems no one knows what her first name is. Of course, no one knows why my mom’s name is either.”

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