Chapter 14 - Stay

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Chapter 14 – Stay

Ashley stared at the small stack of letters in her locker. There were four of them. Either whoever wrote them gave up on her, or she wasn't gone as long as she thought.

It seemed obvious that the ones on the bottom were oldest so she switched them around so she could read the oldest first.

Dear Ashley,
You were doing so well
But that quickly turned around
Its like the universe doesn't want you to be happy
I wish I could make you happy
I wish I was by your side making everything easier
Until then,
- Yours Truly

That one must have been written the first day she was gone. She placed it carefully into her bag with the others she still had before going to the next one.

You've disappeared
I looked for you all day but you were gone
I had noticed yesterday but I thought that was because you just needed a break
I thought you were just going to take a day and forget all the troubles you've gone through
When today rolled around I got worried
I'm not the only one that's worried
There's a few others but they didn't seem to be able to ask around just like me
I miss you Ashley
I miss your smile and everything about you
Until I see you again,
- Yours Truly

She could almost hear the writer's worry increasing with every word. She did the same thing as with the first note before reading the third one.

Another day has passed and still you're gone
I actually started asking around to see if anyone knew where you were but it seemed like you dropped off the face of the earth
You're still not back and I feel like I'm missing a part of me
Sometimes I wonder if the only way I can hold on is by writing these letters to you.
Until you return,
- Yours Truly


The letter almost made it sound like he was giving up; as if he didn't think she'd ever return.
With a sigh, she put the third letter away and turned to the forth.

Dear Ashley,
You're back
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw you and thought my mind was playing jokes on me
But you're here
You may not see it but you have real friends
They all look so much more relieved that you are back
I don't know if anyone ever figured out where you were
One of your friends have this knowing look in their eyes as if they knew the whole time but still worried
All I can say is I'm glad you're back
I hope you'll let me talk to you soon
Give me three days,
- Yours Truly


Ps. I don't really have a right to ask this of you, but will you listen to the song Stay by Florida Georgia Line?
It’s just the only way I can think of to say exactly what I'm feeling.

Were they going to finally show her who they were? What was in the song? How did it show what he felt?

She sighed as she tucked it away with the others.

"Ashley, what are you doing?" Scott walked up to her just as the last corner of the note was hidden. She didn't know if he had seen it, but would it really matter?

She had decided she would trust Scott, but did that mean telling him all her secrets right away? Even Julian didn't know about the letters.

"I was just getting ready to head out. I don't know if I even still have a job now. I've been gone for so long..."

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