Chapter 25 - Funeral

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Chapter 25 - Funeral

"Ashley, its time to go." Her mother's voice was soft, worried. The worry wasn’t misplaced. The moment she had gotten back home from Verden she holed herself up in her room, not leaving it for anything.

She nodded, silently standing from her bed. She was wearing a black dress that was tight on the upper half of her body, but was loose as soon as it passed her hips. Two days had passed since she saw Scott and she wondered how much time had passed there. His son was slightly younger than her Verden self. He would soon take upon the role of being Unknown, and if he weren’t in Verden, he’d be the Secret Holder.

She felt the material moving against her legs as she walked. The silky fabric felt cool against her legs, and if she were in any other situation she would have loved it.

But she wasn't in another situation.

She was going to a funeral, and there was nothing she could do about it. With everything she could do, turning back time wasn’t one of them.

She had had her chance to stop this from happening, but he wouldn't listen to her. He put himself in danger when she would've been fine.

It was her fault he died.

Ashley climbed into the back seat of her mother's car. They were all going to ride over there together.

She had been offered a ride in the limo the family was being picked up in, but she didn't want her first time in a limo to be from a funeral.

"Do you have what you're going to say ready?"

She stared out the window, nodding in answer as she thought about the note she had written.

Granted, most of the words might be confusing, but they rang true in her heart. They meant everything to them both; she was sure of it.

'Dear. No, that's not how I want to start this.

My Truly,

I used to feel so alone, but you knew this. I wasn't social, so gaining more friends was out of the question, but you never cared.

We talked every day. Well, let’s say that you were the one with all the words.

I didn't even know who you were at first. I would see your words every morning, and you would never fail to make me smile. Even if you simply told me I was beautiful, you got me to smile.

I didn't really believe everything you would tell me, but it was nice having you there, even if only in writing.

I used to dream of writing you back, but I didn't know who you were. All I could call you was Yours Truly.

It’s funny how the name kind of stuck even when I met you for the first time. It might have been corny, but you didn't care.

We never actually talked, laughed, or even hung out, but you were the best friend I ever had.

You could imagine my surprise the day I saw that you wanted to be something more.

You wanted to finally show me who you were. I was so excited, but I had started to get a crush on someone else, someone that I could see more than just their words.

When I decided to finally meet you I was beyond shocked. It turns out you and my crush was one and the same.

When you gave me a beautiful rose I was sure my face was on fire, but that was nothing compared to when I saw you kneel down and take my hand.

I thought you were going to propose to me!

Instead, you just asked me if I would be your girlfriend.

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