Chapter 23 - Happiness is strange

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Chapter 23 – Happiness is strange

Two years later

“Come on Katha, you’re lucky he isn’t an old man by now. You need to go and see him before the time system gets messed up again. We’re lucky only five years passed while two passed here. He misses you.”

Ashley watched as Scott tried to get her to go back to Verden, but she knew it was worthless. Katha wasn’t going to go with everyone knowing. She would need hers or Scott’s help, but she would never go back to her old home, well, not according to what everyone else heard.

Every year, four times a year, Katha had gone to her asking if she could take her back to Verden so she could see her brother. They both missed each other terribly, but he hadn’t had anyone there while she had an entire family here to support her.

“Scott, she’s not going to cave. Just let her do what she wants. If she doesn’t want to go to Verden I’m sure there’s a good reason for that.” Ashley was usually the only one to speak up and defend her. It actually had nothing to do with the fact she had already gone to Verden. It actually reminded her of herself quite a while ago. She was closed off and couldn’t admit anything to anyone without feeling ashamed for the way she felt.

Katha had at first been afraid to go back to her old home, scared it would have changed so much without her there, but she knew her brother would be heartbroken if she never visited, especially when she or Scott visited him from time to time.

Scott turned on her. “Why are you always defending her? If I were in Verden would you never visit me? Would you just completely ignore my existence because I wasn’t here with you? How can you let her do that to Toran?”

She gave him a tight smile and turned to her mom. “Mom, we’re going to go. I’ll call you later.”

She smiled and nodded, completely understanding. “Drive safe and send me a text when you get there.”

Chuckling, she grabbed Scott’s arm and tugged him from the room. The woman had gotten so much more possessive after the first time she had called her ‘mom’.

It was still slightly weird with Little Ashley, well, not so little anymore. According to her, seven years old is a big girl. And she was quite big.

“Why are we leaving already? I thought we were going to stay for dinner.” Scott’s annoyed tone had her frowning.

“I’m sorry, I like my mom’s cooking, but I was not going to sit here for another two hours while you argue with Katha about a subject that was settled over a year ago. And, if we’re going to argue, I don’t want to do it here.” She used her tone that told him to stay quiet, and he finally listened, not saying anything the entire two hour ride back to her apartment.

He still lived in his mom’s house, but he was over at her place more often than not. He simply used his mom’s house as a place to sleep.

The moment they walked in the door he stormed into the bathroom, prolonging the oncoming argument.

Sighing, she shut the door, sent a quick text to her mom and walked over to her bed, planning on waiting him out. He was always like that. He hated fighting with her so he would shut himself in another room, but that only made it worse. Whatever it was that was on his mind would stew there and he’d grow more and more angry until he couldn’t take it anymore and had to let it out.

Of course, at the end of the fight he’d apologize and do whatever he could to make her feel okay. There were a few times she had thought it would be best to end them, but never had the strength to do so. Instead she pulled away from the world and hid within herself, trying to understand why he said so many of the things he’d say. Wondering if he really still wanted to be with her or if he was making it last because of the mess she had been in when he first found her.

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