Chapter 15 - Yours Truly

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Chapter 15 – Yours Truly

Nerves wracked her as she walked in the school. Julian had asked her if she were okay, five times, and she just kept answering with the same thing; she was fine.

There wasn’t anything wrong with her, but she sure was nervous to open her locker. Sadly, she had to get her book for her first class.

“Ashley, are you sure you’re okay? You’ve been acting strange all weekend and now you look nervous. What’s wrong?”

She sighed and closed her eyes, continuing to watch the halls so she didn’t hit into anyone as she walked. “I’m fine Julian, just nervous.” Why did she just tell him that? Now she was going to have to explain. She glanced at him and answered before he could ask. “I just think something is going to happen today. Don’t worry about it. It isn’t anything dangerous.”

A knowing smile lit his face, but she didn’t have time to question him on it as he ditched her, saying he had to hurry and get his book before class started.

She stopped at her locker, took a deep breath, did in the combination, and opened it.

A small white paper sat there. She knew what it was, but didn’t want to read it. For whatever reason, she felt nervous about meeting this person. Their words were kind, understanding, and she had actually grown slightly dependent on them to make her day better. She had grown reliant on their encouraging words.

What would happen when she met them?

If she told him she was interested in someone else, would he stop writing the letters?

She shook her head, grabbed the paper and her book, putting them both in her bag, and she headed to class.

A few students gave her weird looks as she passed and she sighed, knowing it meant she again had her eyes closed.

What was the point in even trying to change her habit? It was obviously not working, not even kind of.

She walked into class, well aware she hadn’t opened her eyes yet, and took her seat between Scott and Julian. They had taken it upon themselves to always have one of them with her. Though sometimes she was sure she was alone. There wasn’t really anything she could do about it. She had only barely managed to talk them out of making her either move into Julian’s apartment, or to Scott’s house. She needed her own space, and she wasn’t about to let them take it away from her.

The funny thing is, she won the argument by saying if she were with Julian she’d make him regret ever having his own apartment, and she could do it, and if she were with Scott she’d have unlimited access to Verden. Nothing would be stopping her from crossing between the worlds.

That threat had frightened Scott more than she thought it would, but it had worked.

Julian shot her a questioning look, which she just shook her head to, before she glanced at Scott. He was watching her, tapping his fingers against the desk nervously. What did he have to be nervous for?

Maybe he would finally try to start a relationship with her again. She hadn’t done anything to push him away all weekend, but he had seemed reluctant to get too close. Maybe he was worried if he tried getting closer she’d push him away again.

Could he have something planned?

“Scott, are you okay?” She made sure to lower her voice so the teacher wouldn’t hear her. Class hadn’t yet started, but it would in about a minute.

Scott jumped slightly, and shook his head. “I’m fine.” She watched as he seemed to silently curse himself for the slight shake in his voice.

“You look nervous. Is there anything I should be worried about?”

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