Chapter 22 - The facts

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Chapter 22 – The facts

“Oh Ashley.” Scott pulled her closer, cradling her head against his chest. She was full on sobbing now, but she didn’t care. She had done the one thing she never thought she’d have to.

She killed someone. No, not just someone, she killed three people; one of which was her sister.

“I- I can’t say your name. Never again. I can’t control it if I do. I’ll never forgive myself if I do that to you. I can’t.”

“Shh, don’t think about it. It won’t happen again. You’ll see. Everything will be all right.” She shook her head. There was no way anything was going to even slightly be okay. She killed people. What did Scott not understand about that?

She pulled away from him. “I killed people. Why don’t you understand that?”

He was frowning, not seeming to understand. “I know what you did. I understand-”

She stood from her bed, not being able to stand it. He shouldn’t be there right now. She had killed people, and he was sitting there comforting her. How could he understand? “No! You don’t understand anything! How could you? You’ve never killed someone. I watched their life drain away. I watched with a sick fascination as each of their eyes grew a dull color. I enjoyed it! How can you understand something like that? I’m a killer. I’ve killed people. You shouldn’t be here. You shouldn’t be with me. What if I do it again? I won’t be able to control what I do. I don’t want to make you kill someone with me. It isn’t right. I won’t let that happen.”

She dropped to the floor, the anger flowing out of her being replaced by sadness and regret; mostly regret.

Scott shouldn’t be there with her. She didn’t deserve him to be there.

Hands gripped her shoulders, but she couldn’t do anything to push them away; she just didn’t have the strength anymore.

“Ashley, I want you to listen to me and listen again, because I will not say this again.” He paused, probably waiting for a reaction, but she did nothing; there wasn’t anything she could do but sit in a hopeless heap on the floor. “What you did was beyond your control. There was no way you could’ve been prepared for it. Katha may have died, but she is still alive. She’s with your mom, her mom, and she is happy here. She misses Toran, but she wouldn’t change a single thing that happened. She doesn’t blame you for what happened.”

His hands slid down her arms until he was gripping her hands, willing her to look up at him, but she couldn’t. “No one blames you for what happened. What we need from you is to be grateful it’s over and allow us to help you so it doesn’t happen again. It won’t happen again. I won’t allow it. I’m going to do whatever it takes to make you happy, and to do that, I can’t have you like this.” He released her hands and gripped her waist, pulling her up from the floor. She managed to stay on her own feet, but only barely.

“The first thing I want you to do is go and take a shower. Then, I’m going to take you out. We haven’t been able to have a proper date and I’m beginning to think now would be the perfect time. Now, go have a shower.” He placed a bundle of clothes in her hands and ushered her into the small bathroom connected with her apartment.

Without being able to really think, she headed to the shower. She felt numb as the water washed over her, but she didn’t want to disappoint Stott.

He was doing this to help her, and even though she didn’t deserve it, she appreciated it.

“Come on Scott, tell me where we’re going.” She walked ahead blindly. He had made her close her eyes, but quickly remembered that didn’t take her sight away, so he tied a piece of cloth of her eyes. Despite everything she tried and all her powers that came with being Unknown, she couldn’t make her see through it.

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