Chapter 4 - Defending her

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Chapter 4 - Defending her

Dear Ashley,

You're so strong

Pushing through the days

Pushing away the problems and always finding a reason to smile

But I can see past the cover

You wish for something more

You long for a different life

Maybe I could give it to you

Maybe one day I'll come out and you'll see

You'll see that you should let me in

- Yours Truly

She shook her head as she slipped the note into her bag. She didn't want to let anyone in, and seeing that someone was telling her to let them in, she knew her guard wasn't up enough.

It was Friday and she had work at four. She usually started at six and used the few extra hours to meet up with Scott and Julian to finish their project, but she knew they'd never want to do school work on a Friday night and decided to take the opportunity to get a few more hours in.

"Hey Ashley," Julian ran up to her. "Are you going to that party tonight?"

She groaned and leaned against her locker. She had completely forgotten about that. "I'm sorry Jul, I can't tonight. I have to work." Julian and her could be considered friends now, sort of.

After she had left Scott's place he had found her and told her to use his apartment as a place to stay until she could buy her own.

She didn't know if he had done it because Scott told him to, but he didn't seem like the person that let other people into his space all that often.

They didn't exactly consider themselves friends, but they hung out because they understood each other and didn't pry into the other's life.

"Ashley, we’ve been planning on this party all week. Can't you just leave work early?"

She shook her head. "Sorry, Ruby already took today off because I was going to work the extra shift. No one else is going to want to come in on a Friday. As you know, Fridays are the party days. It’s hard enough to get everyone scheduled to come in, let alone asking someone else to cover for them. It just can't happen tonight."

He frowned but shrugged. "Just know it isn't me that was hoping you'd come."

Sighing, she looked away. "How is he?"

He grunted. "Let me ask you something Ash. Do you honestly want to know? Or are you asking because you feel obligated to?"

She took her time answering, as she knew he would want. "Honestly, I care because he's your friend. I want to be friends with him, but I can't be anything more. If he is looking to date me then I'm sorry, but I can't, and won't, be in a relationship right now. Everything's just too messed up in my life for that."

He nodded as if he understood, though she figured he probably did. "I'm really glad to hear that. I'll see you tonight."

"Wait..." He walked away, waving over his shoulder.

With a sigh she shouldered her bag and left the school, heading to the diner.

"Hey Ash, you're here early." Her boss, Laura, poked her head up from behind the counter.

She shrugged as she went to the back to grab her apron. "As surprising as it may seem, I don't have anything to do this Friday."

She chuckled. "Or any Friday."

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