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ON HOLD||Aapke Pyaar Mein [IPKKND AU] by MrsASR
ON HOLD||Aapke Pyaar Mein [ PariKC
Previous Title: Ek Dil Ek Jaan What if the terrace scene as we know it never happened? If Arnav would have reached terrace first and confessed his love to Khushi? If Arn...
  • ipkknd
  • kkgsr
  • fanfiction
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The girl who would be Queen  by jipnaps
The girl who would be Queen by jipnaps
Reina Flynn: a girl who was always one of the guys, she was secretly friends with a couple popular boys who went to her school, they all made bets/deals, when things get...
  • romance
  • roof
  • houmor
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Life is shit by HeleneIngerslev
Life is shitby Helene
Willy Bloom is the school slut, the rumor and the girl that can never go unnoticed. The rumors about her spread like wildfire, but Willy doesn't care. She goes along wit...
  • summer
  • drinking
  • love
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One Roof With Mr.Sungit (COMPLETED)  by pinky_tzuyu16
One Roof With Mr.Sungit ( h e s m i n e
One roof with mr.Sungit omgiiiiiiiiii!!!!! ~Series #1: One Roof with Mr.Sungit
  • sungit
  • yiiiee
  • roof
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One roof|| seventeen ff by whaehh
One roof|| seventeen ffby lets get it
Where two famous idols live in one dorm for a reality tv show
  • wonwoo
  • dino
  • seungkwan
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Love Nameless by Harley-West
Love Namelessby Harley-West
Sydney is a shy 17 year old high school student.She has a best friend named Lisa. They have been friends since they were seven. They both share love for art and attend...
  • alex
  • roof
  • dead
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Different by BellaCatten
Differentby Bella Catten
  • bullet
  • sad
  • doctoring
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Dance With Me (Niall Horan) by HoranAteMe
Dance With Me (Niall Horan)by izzy
Lennox had been dancing since she was 5. But when you lose your spark for something you used to enjoy, will you ever get over it? When Lennox begins to crumble Niall Hor...
  • moving
  • scott
  • hot
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My gang leader ✔ by _our_story_
My gang leader ✔by _our_story_
He was bad. He smoked, he broke the law, he drove too fast. He didn't care because no one taught him how to. But when it came to her he wanted to be the best man. He co...
  • hard
  • abuse
  • dirtytalk
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Zero is my Vampire Knight by Maccaroni
Zero is my Vampire Knightby Madi
Chika has taken crap from everybody, nearly her whole life. Her dad thinks so low of her that he beats her up every night because of what she didn't do and none of the p...
  • foot
  • worlds
  • takuma
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Suicidal Love (ON HOLD) by WowItsLena
Suicidal Love (ON HOLD)by SepticBangtan
Y/N hated herself, and her life. When she tries to commit suicide, a familiar face stops her from doing so. Do the two fall in love over a suicide attempt?
  • bts
  • roof
  • btsrapmonster
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Bottom Text by PettyPercussionist
Bottom Textby asshole retard
shitposts in the form of literature
  • harris
  • eric
  • satirical
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Trust Me by theHygge
Trust Meby Lydia Hurley
~c o m p l e t e d~ We were jumped. It wasn't the first time. The city was rough, and we had grown up in it. Jake and I could handle it. There was a scuffle. Then a gun...
  • pancakes
  • roof
  • levy
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The armor  by TKISHU
The armor by TK Isha Rehman
When life gives you lemons turn it into poetry. Corny I know, so this is a platform for me to rant about my feelings. Wattpad is my safe haven where I can go on and on w...
  • dreams
  • scared
  • stars
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Together We Fall by WhenYourStarstruck
Together We Fallby StarstruckGirl
Avery Tate appears to be just another average girl. But she just hides herself a little too well. Inside she's a broken structure, struggling to make it through each and...
  • truth
  • hurt
  • roof
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Bloodlust by annadez
Bloodlustby anna
Kali is a vampire who has long decided to stop killing. Her bloodlust is still strong and she still takes great pleasure in hunting, but she hasnt drained a human in yea...
  • damien
  • human
  • bed
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Her names Mean, woops I meant Megan (Under Revision) by wishingc
Her names Mean, woops I meant Courtney
When you’re beaten up by a hot girl, your dazed. When your told you’re going to be a experiment for overly sexually active hormonal teenage boys, you can’t help but say...
  • other
  • nate
  • player
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My Chemical Romance Meets Themselves Fanfic by CalculateTheObvious
My Chemical Romance Meets CalculateTheObvious
Danger Days MCR runs into Bullets MCR when a time travel incident goes awry. AND THEY KIDNAP RAY!!!! this leads to nonsense.
  • unicorns
  • jet
  • stage
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Under his roof by imaginenarwal
Under his roofby Macy
Macy lavender is a 14 year old girl who loves to read and learn. One day, she was forced to stay with the boy 3 blocks down for the summer, who she hated with all her bu...
  • kiss
  • under
  • love
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The Bad Boy Next Door [ON HOLD] by Rose-Gold101
The Bad Boy Next Door [ON HOLD]by Rose-Gold101
"You don't look like a boy next door type." "And you don't look like the sweet girl next door either." ...
  • shy
  • abuse
  • highschool
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