Chapter 7 - Little A

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Chapter 7 – Little A

Shortly after the strange experience with Lillian Scott had arrived, looking angrier than he ever had before.

He practically drug her from the dining room and to his room before almost throwing her onto his bed.

"You had no right to come here and question my mother. She's too trusting and doesn't realize what could happen if the wrong information gets to the wrong people. She doesn't understand. You've overstepped your boundaries. I can't believe you would do something like this. You're such an idiot."

Even though Ashley hadn't intended on talking to his mom at all she let him get his anger out. She was sure he wouldn't listen to her if she tried defending herself.

"Why'd you have to make her remember the past? She has attacks and a memory takes over her. It drains her health faster than its already draining. One day it'll kill her." He sounded defeated as he slumped onto the foot of the bed. His head was in his hands and he was facing away from her.

"Scott, I'm really sorry. I didn't mean for this to happen. She said something about my mother and I just wanted to know about her. Your mom is the only person that seems to know anything about my mom. I didn't mean to hurt her."

He sighed, but shook his head. "Why'd you come here in the first place? You don't know my mom and unless you've talked to her other than the two times I know of, you didn't know she knew your mom."

She suddenly felt as nervous as she had been when she rang the doorbell. Wringing her hands, she tried to come up with a way to say what she had been trying to do. She wanted to apologize to him. She wanted to become his friend.

If she was going to start opening her heart anywhere it might as well be with Scott and Julian.

“I came to apologize.”

He quickly turned to face her, looking surprised. “What are you apologizing for? As far as I know you haven’t done anything besides what happened today, and that happened after you planned on coming over here to apologize. So what else did you do?”

She frowned. Did she have to do something wrong to apologize to someone? “I just wanted to say I was sorry for how I was acting. I asked questions I had no right to ask and I went places I had no right to go. I treated you and Julian unfairly. I asked for more than I ever deserved. I’m just sorry for it all.”

Scott’s surprise turned to complete anger. “You say I’m an idiot when I’m pretty sure the idiot in this room is you.” She raised her brows in question, but didn’t say anything. “You’re wrong when you say you asked and did things you had no right to. You actually have more right to that knowledge than anyone besides me and Julian. We share the knowledge equally and I think it’s about time we share it with you.”

“As much as I like it that I’m finally going to get some answers to the questions I’ve been asking, I just have to ask one thing. Why did you suddenly decide to start sharing all your secrets with me? I haven’t done anything but ask for more than I was willing to give.”

He smiled and relaxed. His smile was so kind she felt something inside of her soften. It was a strange feeling, but she decided to leave it alone for the time being.

Shrugging, he chuckled. “I’ve actually kind of been quietly fighting with myself whether I should tell you everything. On one hand you deserve to know, but on the other it’ll just put you into danger. I can’t stand the thought of you being hurt, but with the way you’ve been going around doing things if I don’t tell you you’ll get yourself into a dangerous situation. I guess it’s safer if I tell you than making you search for the information on your own in your own way.” She felt her cheeks flood with warmth as he winked at her.  “Your way of doing things isn’t always the best way.”

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