Chapter 9 - Seer

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Chapter 9 - Seer

The trek through the forest felt like it took hours. Ashley knew she could easily walk on her own by now, but she kept her hand in the creature's. After she heard about the rose she didn't talk again. It felt terrible learning that Scott would do something to her.

He had known what the rose meant and used her naivety against her.

With a sigh, she slightly leaned against the creature. It seemed wrong to continue thinking of him as a creature. He had been more truthful to her than Scott had.

"What is your name?"

"I am called Toran. My father gave me the title. It means Great Hunter. I am the best of my people."

She smiled, enjoying how proud he sounded. He talked of his father in a way that made her heart ache for that kind of connection. "I'll take your word for it. How much farther until we reach your people?"

He stopped and turned to her. His hands cupped her cheeks, lengthening the rope. "Do you need to rest?" She shook her head, but maybe he could see how tired she really was. "We will stop to eat."

He released her and turned to the people behind her. "We stop here to give Calee a rest. Find food and shelter and bring the boy up here." He looked back at her. "I am sorry for what he has done to you, but I see you want explanation. He will give it."

She nodded her thanks. There had never been much of an explanation for anything that happened in her life and it was nice she'd get one now, even if it was for something simple.

Scott was soon standing in front of her and Toran standing behind with a hand on her right shoulder as if he was offering her support.

"How are you feeling Scott?" She could see the worry in his eyes as he reached forward to touch her, but a growl from Toran stopped him.

It was strange how well she could see even though her eyes were closed. Maybe that's why whoever she was like had gotten the name seer.

She wondered how much of them there were.

"I worry about you Ashley. You can't even open your eyes." His fingers brushed her eyelid as he ignored the threatening growl from Toran. "You aren't used to walking so much and you haven't eaten a thing since we got here."

She pushed his hand away. "At home if I want to go anywhere I'm usually walking. I don't have transportation like you and Julian unless one of you give me a ride." The hand on her shoulder tightened slightly. "I don't have enough to supply my own food so I can actually last days without eating. I've done it many times before."

Toran wrapped a large arm around her waist and picked her up, carrying her away from Scott. There was another man much like Toran holding him back so he couldn't follow.

Toran set her down and turned her so she was looking at him and not Scott.

"He does not treat you right if you aren't fed. It is not right to keep a woman from nourishment. Has he captured you? Put you under a curse that you must stay connected to him? Has he threatened you?"

She shook her head, amazed at the protectiveness of this hunter in front of her. He looked hard, cold, and able to kill something in an instant, and yet he was worried about her."No, Scott is a friend. He doesn't want to hurt me. I have to stay connected to him so he can stay alive. The ones that have kept the food from me are those that raised me. They are the ones that hurt me."

This time he shook his head. "He may not have beat you, but he hurt you. I can see it in your heart. He's meant to make you happy, but he has not. He not friend." He suddenly started looking around. "They are here."

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