Author's Note

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So, I was planning on taking my stories down, and I may still do so, but I think I'll give Wattpad another chance. The sequel to this story, Eternally Yours, has been started, but it is no longer on Wattpad. I don't know when I'll be posting it again, if I ever do.

What I will be doing on Wattpad, is posting a new story I've started writing, Angels in Everything. Its a different sort of story than my others. I'm not asking you guys to go and give it a look, I'm simply giving everyone that has been reading this book the news about the sequel. It is not here, and it may never be here.

Also, with this new story, I won't promise timely uploads. I've only recently started it, so there isn't a lot written, and I dont' have much time to write. I will upload when its convenient for me, but I would definitely love any support I recieve.

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