Chapter 2 - Suicidal

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Chapter 2 – Suicidal

Dear Ashley,

Troubles come and go

Don't let them weigh you down

Life is too precious to waste on the past

Memories are great

But they can weigh us down

Look to the brighter days

Smile because the sun lights the day

Smile because it lights your face

- Yours Truly

Half the day had gone by and not one thing had gotten her to smile until she found the note in her locker.

It seemed whoever the writer was knew exactly what she needed when she needed it.

"Oh my gosh Ashley! Do you know what a miracle this is?"

Feeling slightly confused, she turned to see what Kate was talking about. The smile was still on her face. It seemed that now that it had arrived it didn't want to leave.

When she didn't see anything out of the ordinary, she felt even more confused. "What are you talking about?"

She chuckled. "Well you of course! Do you have any idea how hard I've been trying to get you to smile? Not once have you smiled today until now. I was beginning to think those people had stolen your smile along with your memories."

And that's when the smile dropped. Everything came crashing back on her shoulders and she felt the sting of tears in her eyes.

She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath, and willing the tears away.

"What is a frown doing on that beautiful face of yours?"

She opened her eyes to see Scott walking towards them. With his dark complexion it made him appear mysterious, quiet, and lonely. But he was the exact opposite. If anything it was Julian, or as Scott liked to call him, Wolf that was mysterious, quiet, and lonely.

"What's up Scott?" Her forced pleasant tone sounded harsher than it should have so she decided to drop the façade. What was the point in trying to pretend she was okay anyways? It wasn't like Scott's opinion mattered.

"Are you okay?" His brows scrunched together in concentration.

"I'm fine." She waved dismissively. "Was there something you needed? I doubt you'd take the effort to find me if you didn't."

"Whoa, major blow to your self-esteem. What happened to you this morning? Your parents wake you with a cup of water?"

She felt her mood plummet even further.

"Scott, tell us whatever it is you so desperately needed to tell her, or shut up and get out of here."

His eyes widened in surprise and he took a step back, raising his hands as a sign of surrender. "Sorry, I didn't mean anything by it. So the parents are a touchy subject. I won't go there again, unless you bring it up. In that case I have every right to speak up."

Ashley found herself smiling. She had used very similar words with him. "Very well. Now, what was it that you needed?"

Kate was looking back and forth between her and Scott.

"I just wondered what time you wanted me and Wolf to come over."

Her smile vanished as her heart sunk.

The project.

She had completely forgotten about it.

"I'm so sorry Scott. I completely forgot about it. Something came up with my family and we won't be able to use my house. Can we use yours or Julian's?"

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