chapter 32 [I Like you]

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"Hey." Seijurou greeted me with such a smile that could make any girl fall for him. It's ridiculous, but I don't mind that and returned his smile.

"Hi!" I greeted back as my smile turned into a grin.

It has been 5 days since the last match, Seijurou lost the game for the first time, but he seems fine now.

During those 5 days, I went back home to Tokyo to inform the stuff had happened in Kyoto to my parents. Though, I did not tell them anything in detail.

And durning those times also, I can't help but notice the drastic change in Seijurou. Unlike the other times, Seijurou did not show any cold side to me and almost act like a "shoujo prince" or something. He's too nice that it scares me a little to be honest.

But either way, I'm happy.

"Hello??" Seijurou called, waving his hand in front of my face. "Anybody there?"


"Honestly." He chuckled. "You've always been like this."

"Been like what?" I asked confusedly.

"I don't know. Just spacing out in general." Seijurou replied. "Sometimes, I wondered what's on your mind exactly." He laughed.


Is what I mentally thought, but didn't say it out loud.

"Oh. Haha. Nothing much." I laughed back. "Anyways, where are we hanging out today?"

"You mean 'where are we dating today' right?" Seijurou teased. "In case if you forgot, it'll be our 3rd date today. It's not a hang out."

"But..regarding where we're going..I don't know yet." Seijurou said. "I'm not sure if I want to bring a fancy resaurant or an amusement park, or some place else. You pick."


"There we go with the 'huh?' Again." He chuckled.

"Haha.. yeah.." I said awkwardly. "But...I'm not sure about you pick this time?"

"In that case."

I know this is rather unimportant but the ice skating rink is outdoor, Just so you know.

"Ice skating..?" I asked dumbfoundedly. "You..know how to skate..?"

"No." Seijurou laughed awkwardly as he put his skating boots on. "But I can try."

He stood up from his seat, wobbling a bit before walking towards the skating ring.

As Seijurou stepped the ice, I could see him wobble more before falling to his butt to which I let out a rather loud laugh.

He turned his head towards me with a joking kind of glare before standing to his ground again and to my surprised he did it easily.

"Come here." Seijurou called out standing with skaters on the ice. "Don't leave me here all alone." He said in a rather childish manner.

I scoffed in amusement before looking down to the skater shoes I'm currently wearing and gulp. I lift my right leg up and place it on the ice floor before pulling it back to the wooden floor. All that while still holding the railing like my life depends on it.

"Nope. Nope."

Seijurou chuckled at my antics and grabbed both my hands from the railing and pull me to ice skating rink. This caught me off guard as I let out yelp and fell.

I close my eyes tight, expecting pain in a matter on seconds now, but to my surprise. It never really came.

"What..?" I mumbled out as I opened one of my eyes and see that I indeed did fell. But I was not the only one. Realizing the hands that were wrapping around my waist and the chest I'm currently pressed unto. Tells me that Seijurou took the fall with me.

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