Chapter 16 [Surprise,surprise]

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4 days had passed since I went to Kyoto, but somehow it feels like it's just yesterday.
It also makes me realised how I don't really have a friend here in Tokyo.

I sighed as I set the pen down. For the past few days, there's been a lot of homework for me to do to make up the days I missed and I just finished all of them along with today's homework.

"What to do now?" I mumbled to myself as I laid my head onto my arms.

Just in time, a creak of the door was heard. I sat up straight quickly before facing the door to see mother standing there.

"Mother." I greeted with a smile. "What brings you here?"

"Dear." Mother said surprising sweetly. "I have an announcement to make."

"What is it, mother?" I asked cautiously.

Mother let out a smile. "We're having dinner with the Akashi's." She said.


"Seriously." Mother sighed in irritation. "You have to pay attention when a person is speaking."

"No, mother, I heard you. It's just-" I said but cut myself before sighing and asked. "When are they coming?"

"Tonight at 6:00 p.m." Mother replied strangely happily. "Make sure to be ready at that time."

"Okay, mother."

~fews hours later~

"No that's not right." Said mother as she stared at me with an unamused look. "The dress doesn't look good on you."

"I know." Is what I would've said if I was that brave, but I wasn't so I kept my mouth shut.

"Try this one." Mother said the 7th time, giving me another dress. This time a rather elegant one. "I have a feeling this would fit you the best."

"Yes, mother." I said, entering the closet to change my clothes. It didn't take me long
Before I was done changing.

I step out of the closet while mentally sighing. To be honest, I don't really care about the dress anymore especially after the countless dress I've tried.

"I was right." Said, mother, as she let out a proud smile. "The dress really fit you. Now, let's move to the makeup."

"Mother, I don't that's really necessary."

"Nonsense. Even a pretty girl like you needed a little makeup." Mother said as she picked up a mascara. "It'll be a light one, so don't worry."

Mother strangely found joy in dolling me up, from picking up a dress for me to the whole make thing. I don't think me and mother have done this either. It's a first time for both of us, really. Mother also rarely show this side of her, she's usually really strict for she was raised that way, at least that's what father told me. Father also said that mother was kinda tsundere around him, specifically before they got engaged.

I sometimes wonder how they fell in love...

Maybe I should ask father sometimes...

"Done." Mother announced, giving a finishing touch to my face. "You go ahead, look into the mirror."

I nodded my head and did like told as I turned my head. Surprisingly I don't look that much different.

"Now, I want you to stay here and don't mess with your appearance." Mother commanded, pointing a finger at me. "I'm going to check on things. I'll be back."

Without giving me a chance to speak, mother was out.

I sat on the bed as I waited for mother and not a while after the door to my room was opened revealing a man with a fancy suit in the doorway, father.

"Hey, kiddo." Father greeted me with a grin.

"Father." I greeted back with a smile. "What brings you here?"

"Just checking, you know." Father chuckled. "Your mother wants me to inform you that the guest will be here in 20 minutes. She wants you to greet the guest."

"I see." I said, standing up from the bed and walked out the door. "I should be going then."

"Wait, before you go." Father called out causing me to turned around to hear a clicking sound. "There."

Father look into his phone and smiled before putting his phone back in his pocket. "Man, kids sure grow up so fast, not long ago you just learned how to walk and now you're getting eng-" Father suddenly cuts himself from talking.




"Your mother wants it to be a surprise." Father said casually with an undoubtedly large grin. "I'm happy for you."

"Either way, let's get going." Father said still with his large grin on his face while pushing me lightly in the back. "Let's not get her mad shall we?"

"Yes, father." I chuckled.


"The guest is here." Announced the butler as he showed the guest behind him, Akashi and his father. Father greeted them both with a smile, mother and I after.

"Glad you could make it." Father said still plastering a smile on his face. "We've been waiting."

"Thank you for your patience." Mr.Akashi replied as he let out a small smile in return.

"Shall we be going?" Father asked. "Dinner's ready, we'll discuss further on the matter of arrangement."

"Yes, we should." Mr.Akashi answered back.

Father nodded and led us all to the dining room. By the time we were there, dinner was already prepared.

Mother and father sat next to each other with me beside mother. Akashi and I sat across from each other with his father on his side. The seat beside Akashi's father was empty, if it was before, I would ask myself as to where is his mother is, but now after knowing that his mother has passed away, I don't think I should bring it up again.

It must have been hard for him.

Father cleared his throat and said. "Now, you kids must not know why we gathered together here."

"As your parents and parent, we have discussed a matter you have not know." Mr.Akashi added as he neatly entangled his finger together. "We are here to announce an important matter, an almost life changing matter."

Life changing..?

"Would you do the honor, Ma'am?" Mr.Akashi asked mother with a small smile on his face.

"Yes." Mother said before clearing her throat and said the last thing that I never thought I would hear this early.

"Both of you are getting engaged."

Ughh...this chapter didn't turn as well as I planned it to be, but oh well.

To be honest, I never actually mention once that they're fiances or what not. Their parents and parent just set up a blind date for them and let them spend time together before announcing that they're getting engaged. Good parents, aren't they?

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Thank you for reading and goodbye 👋

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