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Cracking The Emperor's Code [Akashi X Reader] by TheBlindTopaz
Cracking The Emperor's Code [ CecileNov
This story's a Akashi x reader fanfiction. the story is set in your POV, without the use of [y/n] and anything that sort. This story development will be sort off slow. ...
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Sweet Teasing (Atsushi Murasakibara x Reader) by TrishaAnime
Sweet Teasing (Atsushi TrishaAnime
Note: He likes SWEET so much. That's the fact that you or even everyone knows about. But on the other side you don't know that he likes TEASING you either. Which means =...
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it all started with a promise (Akashi seijuro fanfic) by jojo_jazzy21
it all started with a promise ( Jasmine Z. Algendy
"I think this will be a win - win situation eh?.. Tetsuna.." your reaction changed "what do you mean..Akashi-kun" "it's simple ... if you can be...
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