Chapter 3 [Villa~]

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Note: Mr.Akashi is Akashi's father.
^Picture of the car. [inside]^

The ride was fairly silent. With mother busy on her makeup and father busy on his phone. It made me wonder why were they so calm when I was practically shaking here.

The boy still intimidates me despite the date being well. He rarely shows his emotion and kept staring at me with those.. eyes.

How could I, the socially awkward person I am, not to be intimidated by him?

We stayed on the train for 2 hours and 20 minutes till we arrive at the destination. There they stood, Mr. Akashi and his son, waiting for us.

"Good afternoon Mr.Akashi." my father extend his arm and greeted Mr.Akashi with a warm smile. Mr.Akashi greeted back and accepted his hand. He then proceeds to shake mother's hand.

"You must be..." Mr.Akashi said my name. "Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too, Mr.Akashi." I greeted back with a smile. "You too, Akashi-kun." I said, manage to not shutter the whole through, which is kinda a great accomplishment for me.

"It's a pleasure meeting you again." Akashi greeted politely. He then greeted my mother and my father. Keeping his usual gentleman feel to him.

"Shall we be going? The driver is waiting for us." Mr.Akashi said as he pointed towards the brown car.

"Yes, we should." Father agreed politely.

Instead of going to The Akashi's mansion like I thought, We went to a villa that Mr.Akashi rent. More specifically a mountain villa.

During the ride there, I kept my head down to my lap and try as best to avoid a specific boy's gaze. That reason was because the person sitting beside me, looked as if he doesn't give a care or interest. It was as if he sees this a chore.

I don't really mind about it since I also found this as an order from my mother. The one that bothers me was that he seemed to be talking to himself, as in like a conversation.

I couldn't hear it that clearly for me to confirmed it 100%, but at the same time, I didn't really want to for his irk expression scares me.

At the same time, father,mother,and Mr.Akashi were busy having a 'professional' conversation with each other.

I sighed and decided to look up from my lap due to my tired neck. I took a glimpse at Akashi and saw him looking out of the window with a bored expression. Noticing my stare, he eyed back at me.

To say the least, it was very awkward for I didn't look away.

As of now, we were staring at each other like there's no end, that was till I decided to break the eye contact. I cleared my throat intending to end the silence but he beat it to me.

"We're here."


The driver stepped out the car and opened the door for my parents and his. They got out with us following after.

"Wow." I said in amazement as I gaped at the view in front of me. Completely forgotten about the awkward moment we just faced.

The villa itself was luxurious, but with the cool air blowing, leaves falling, and the mountain itself, overpowers the seemingly luxurious villa.

Remembering that I was not alone, I quickly snapped out of myself and stand properly. It was too late, for a certain redhead boy had already saw my not so mannerly behaviour.

Akashi just stared at me with his usual expression.

As for me, I just froze where I stood, unable to think any kind of reaction. This continued till Mr.Akashi decided to call out to us.

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