Chapter 8 [His Mansion]

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Instead of Rakuzan High like what I expected to be, we stood in front of a fancy mansion.

This got me confused and led me to turn to the person of my right as asked, "where are we?"

"We're currently at my father's mansion."


Akashi sighed and turned to me with a blank look. "Since it's a Sunday, the school do not allow any student or outsider to enter unless it's an important matter." He explained. "And my father thought it'll better for you to stay here till the day of the match."

Mother must have called Mr.Akashi about this matter.

"I see.." I chuckled awkwardly but stop when I realized something.

I didn't bring any clothes for changing.

I was about to inform this to Akashi, but without me realizing it Akashi has walked toward the front door, leaving me behind.

"A-Akashi-kun!" I called,running after him. "Wait!"

Akashi didn't reply, he didn't even look back, but I could see that he has walked slower than before.

I managed to catch him up and walked beside him. Not wanting any more awkward silence, I decided to start a conversation.

"So.."I started. "Who else besides you live here?"

"If you excluding the maids and butlers, it's just my father and me." Akashi answered as he pushed the front door open. A maid inside quickly took over and held the door open. Akashi then walked in with me trailing behind him.

...What about his mother?


Akashi showed me the guest room, and left me there alone for a while. I didn't question him about his mother or about anything anymore for fear of annoying him. I also forgot to inform Akashi that I didn't bring any changing clothes.

I sat on the bed and sighed, during those time, mother called me explaining the whole situation to me. She also told me that she packed a pair of clothes for me.

Well, that's a relieve..

How I ended up from just viewing the outside of a school to staying at Akashi's mansion, amused me a little.

But still...mother should tell me all this beforehand.

And wait....just a pair?

I frantically got out of the bed and unzip my bag, and as told, inside there's a pair of clothes.

Just a pair.

Particularly the ones I've never seen before.

"Huh?" I said as I pulled up the clothing. The clothing I'm holding was black silk dress pajamas that reveal a little too much. "What-"

A knock distracted me from my very confused thought. I set down the dress pajamas and stood up to open the door.

Faced with me was the one of a woman in her 40s. "Afternoon young lady. Young master, Seijuro, told me to bring you to him." The lady, I presume maid, said with a gentle smile.

"I see." I smiled back. "Let's get going then."

The maid nodded and led me to the back door, which then brought us to the outdoor where she led me to a green field through the pathway.

Stood there in the distance were a certain red-head and a white horse.

If you don't know, Akashi actually stated that he often go horseback riding which followed by Shintaro saying the type of horse and its name.
It's stated in fan disc 2.

This took me 3 days to write despite it being short. Like I said in the previous Author note, school have started and I don't have much time in my hands.

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