Chapter 13 [The members]

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"Clubs starts around 3:30. Some clubs ends on 5:30, but if it's the matter of basketball club, it generally ends just before dinner. Sometimes longer than that." Akashi explained to my question.

"I see." I nodded. "I understand a little better now."

Akashi has shown me around the school. Though, there're some parts of the school that an outside/guest like me wasn't allowed to enter.

Some stares went our way, the fact that I wasn't a student here might be the reason. Either way, I felt slightly uncomfortable about it and with the seemingly calm Akashi who didn't give a care, wasn't helping either.

Luckily, most people didn't give a care either and went about their way.

I stopped on my track as Akashi pushed the door open, creating a slight creaking sound that caused some people to looked our way.

"Sei-chan!" A seemingly flamboyant black haired boy wave toward Akashi. "Took you long enough!"

"I know." Akashi answered, walking towards them as I stop awkwardly not knowing what to do in this situation. "Where's coach?"

"Washroom." A silvernette answered.

"I see."Akashi nodded."What did coach tell you to do?"

"Pretty stranded stuff." A tall bulky tan guy with short black hair answered this time. "He just told us to keep playing. The school we'll play against tomorrow isn't going to be strong anyway, we could easily beat them!" The guy grinned.

"Yup, Easy-peasy." An orange haired boy with a pointed snaggle tooth added. "By the way, where is your friend?"

  "She's right over there." Akashi replied and looked towards me.

All eyes were on me as I stayed in my current position nervously. Silence stayed among us till the orangehead decided to break it.

"Heh?! That's your friend?!" He cried. "She's cute!"

"Huh. I thought she's going to be the second manager." The tan guy said.

"It's not possible, idiot!" The raven-head replied as he slapped the tan guy's back.

"It might be." He retorted back as he rubbed his back.

Akashi silence them and called me over, which have been watching them amusedly, but at the mention of my name, I became nervous again.

I nodded my head and walked slowly towards them with hand holding my arm.

"Uh...hello." I smiled awkwardly at them. "I'm-"

"HI! I'm Hayama Kotarō!" The orange-head cut me off as he introduced himself. "Just call me Kotarō!"

"Um...H-hello Kotarō-kun-"

"Don't mind the idiot." The tan guy grinned as he pushed the orange-head whom I learn to be Hayama Kotarō. "I'm Nebuya Eikichi. Nice to meet you." He said as he loomed over me with his big figure which in result causing me to move back subconsciously.

"You're scaring her." It was the raven-head turn to speak. "I'm Mibuchi Reo, it's a pleasure to meet you." He smiled as let out a hand for me to shake.

I accepted his hand and shook it, returning the smile. "Pleasure to meet you too." I said then turning to everyone else. "Nice to meet all of you."

"Chihiro." Akashi called out resulting the silvernette to face him. "Do you want to introduce yourself to?"

"Yeah, sure." The silvernette said as he walked up to me. "Name's Mayuzumi Chihiro. Nice to meet you too."


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