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Assassination Classroom x Reader x Kuroko no Basket by ptbbanaticla
Assassination Classroom x Reader x...by Amai Chou
(Y/N) Akashi, sister of Akashi Seijurou, decided to enter the Second most prestigious school in Japan, which is Kunugigaoka Junior High for her 3rd year of Junior Highsc...
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Saudade「Akashi x reader」 by setsumicchi
Saudade「Akashi x reader」by Give me strawberry shortcake...
The feeling of missing something or someone. It is used to tell about something that you used to have but don't have anymore... What would Akashi do if the girl He's in...
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KnBxReaders by LaSolFaMiRe
KnBxReadersby LaSolFaMiRe
What is that? You want to read a fanfic about KnB characters with a pinch of OOC? Ha! I'll top that with a spoonful of fluff and a sprinkle of feels.
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Yandere Akashi Seijuro x reader *LEMON*  by seiiii-channnn
Yandere Akashi Seijuro x reader *L...by Ackerman
A one-shot (or more) since I'm bored and felt like writing a lemon 😏 ((shh don't judge))
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Horny Akashi by akashicest
Horny Akashiby •
This is a story for my french bae bless her soul . Also this contains a lot of smut so if you're not okay with it or you're an uncultured virgin then get out .
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Akashi x Reader (LEMON!!!) by Love_Haikyuu
Akashi x Reader (LEMON!!!)by Love_Haikyuu
The cover says it all BTW Akashi is your boyfriend!
Shooting for Her Heart  by musicrider
Shooting for Her Heart by musicrider
Kurosaki (F/n) is a very kind girl that everyone knew well. Being able to be part of generation of Miricals and the only girl in boys basketball. She was able be conside...
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i miss you; akaashi keiji by kenmakozume_bb_
i miss you; akaashi keijiby ↳˳⸙;; ❝ ʀᴏsᴇ ᵕ̈ ೫˚∗:
[ UNDER EDITING!! ] ғallιng deeper ιn тнιѕ love. wιѕнιng тo тнe ѕтarѕ aвove. мy dear, wнere нave yoυ вeen? ѕo ғar, ѕo loѕт, nowнere тo вe ѕeen.
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Hanahaki || Akaashi Keiji by CosmicYutaverse
Hanahaki || Akaashi Keijiby 𝙲𝚑𝚞𝚗𝚝𝚊𝚛𝚘
花吐き病(Hanahaki) - The Hanahaki Disease is an illness born from one-sided love, where the patient throws up and coughs up flower petals when they suffer from one-sided lov...
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The Songs That We Shared- Akashi Seijuro X Reader One Shot by Mashhyhead
The Songs That We Shared- Akashi S...by Mashhyhead Vanilla
This is a book of songs That describe the story of [Y/N] and the red hair emperor, Akashi Seijuro in an one shot. Drive in to enjoy the beautiful stories with the deman...
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What if?! KNB X READER [complete] by theclumsylion
What if?! KNB X READER [complete]by Hye Lin (헤인 린)
don't you always have that one question hanging off your tongue, that question that always sparks something new? so let it out.... what if? [completed] but some update...
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Our Basketball (Akashi X Reader) by CloudFar
Our Basketball (Akashi X Reader)by Ellen
(L/N) (Y/N) and her childhood friend, Kuroko Tetsuya had one common goal in their mind: defeat the Generation of Miracles. As the manager of Seirin High basketball team...
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Akaashi X Reader // Onigiri  by Sleepless-Fics
Akaashi X Reader // Onigiri by Rae
He was always calm, you were always self conscious but finally you had the courage to do something for him...who knew it would lead to this
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Duet (Akashi Seijuro X Reader) by G_Tsuri
Duet (Akashi Seijuro X Reader)by G_Tsuri
A Kuroko no Basuke Fanfiction Akashi Seijuro X Reader Symphony Orchestra AU As a Cello player, you felt like your life is as dull as your music scores. One day, your orc...
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What Destiny Brings You? [Akashi x Reader] (EDITING) by EmpressGlassred
What Destiny Brings You? [Akashi x...by EmpressGlassred
What would destiny will offer for the absolutely perfect emperor? Akashi Seijuro never thought that things would end up the way he didn't assume in his life. He meets [L...
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Unforgettable Memories (Akashi X Reader) by animefinatic2013
Unforgettable Memories (Akashi X R...by animefinatic2013
'It was the memories of that summer that makes it hard to move on' Will I ever forget them? ~Based off of the song September by Daughtry~ FYI: all KnB characters belong...
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I N S A N I T Y by Almost_otaku7
I N S A N I T Yby Fujoshi/Fudanshi
Akashi x Reader x A bunch of other characters. This story is set 10 years after Winter cup. Characters who will be "romantically" involved with FN are: Akashi...
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His Enemy [Akashi Seijuro x Reader] by YussycaWen
His Enemy [Akashi Seijuro x Reader]by Shiro Kimiko
Akashi Seijūrō was a very perfect man who perfect in everything. Academic,Basketball,etc. He was born from wealth family,captain of the Kiseki no Sedai, and the student...
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ABSOLUTE ROYALTY (Seijuro Akashi fanfiction) by shooknae
ABSOLUTE ROYALTY (Seijuro Akashi f...by 〰️mochi〰️
[COMPLETED ] [STORY WITH A HAPPY ENDING LOL] Seijuro Akashi, Prince of Rakuzan, known as the RED EMPEROR, went on conquering countless kingdoms. The Prince gets banishe...
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PERFECT [Akashi Seijuro x Reader] by nghtingxle
PERFECT [Akashi Seijuro x Reader]by elly 🍃
『 (Your name), a simple, beautiful, humble female who's good at sports and good at grades, got a full scholarship at Rakuzan where she meets Akashi Seijuro, a rich, hand...
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