Chapter 4 [Stick throwing]

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^picture of the bunny^
Just imagine him with heterochromatic eyes.

The dinner we ate was delicious and yet again, Akashi and I were arranged to sit next to each other.

After showing my childish behaviour to the one who supposedly likes elegant women, I don't know how I'm supposed to act around him anymore.

Maybe I should just pretend it never happened.

Or maybe I should just continue to act that way..

Both ideas sound stupid, I should just apologize for my previous behaviour to him.

Yeah, I should just do that.

With that one final thought, I decided to get out of my futon and walk out of my room towards Akashi room.

I was about to raise my arm and knock, but something just has to distract me again. It's the brown heterochromatic eyed bunny.

Why is he out there? Where is he going?


Aborting the mission to apologize, I went closer to the brown bunny that seems to escape from the pre-build garden.

It was dark and I couldn't see clearly, but I could definitely see the bunny running or hoping for that manner, out of the villa and into the dark forest.

Aw, it wants to be free.

Not 3 seconds have passed, my eyes widen in horror, realizing what danger the bunny could have faced. That being said, I stupidly hurried ran after him.


3rd's POV:

As Akashi lay on his futon, he could feel a presence behind the door. Feeling inquisitive, Akashi decided to check who it was, but when he did, he found nobody there.

'That's strange, I could've not been wrong.' Akashi thought.

"Bunny-chan?" Was what Akashi heard just as he was about to turn.

He faced towards the source of the voice only to spot the girl that his father had apparently arranged this trip with.

"It's just her." Akashi sighed, before realising that the girl decided to step out of the villa.

'What is she doing out at night?' Akashi mentally thought as he followed her out.

"Bunny-chan! Wait!" The girl shouted with the sign of panic in her tone.

'Honestly, What is she doing?'

He thought as he stood boredly not far behind her, that was until she started running towards the dark forest.

Akashi who has noticed this, volunteerly dashed after her.


Your POV:

"Bunny-chan!" I shouted as I searched the brown rabbit. It was stupid of me to not bring a flashlight with me.

Heck, it was stupid for me to go here in the first place, but the thought of the bunny getting hurt haunts me. So I have to deal with the fact I might potentially get injured.

"I have to endure this, I have to be strong or the bunn-"

I stopped myself from talking as I felt someone behind me.

Without giving me a second warning, the person placed their hands on my shoulder. I had a late reaction for I spend the next 2 seconds standing still. My head finally snapped itself as I screamed on top of my lungs.

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