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KNB Parenthood by altherogue
KNB Parenthoodby Altherogue
[Daddy!KnB x Mommy!Reader] Have you ever imagined GoM having kids with you? What kind of personality do they have? This book is based on my wild imagination of KnB, so I...
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Misfortunes to Fortunes (Akashi x OC) by Kuroneko-chan1225
Misfortunes to Fortunes (Akashi x...by Kuroneko_Chan
Kanade Sumire. A natural born genius. She exceeded at everything she did but still suffered. Her meeting with Akashi Seijuro was just like destiny. He is the only person...
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I stole the captain's Scissors by Yo_ongi
I stole the captain's Scissorsby your dad ❤️
"I dare you to steal Akashi's scissors." Those words rang though my head. I instantly knew that this wasn't just a dare, but the cause of my death. &q...
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Dominant Sensei {Teacher!Akashi x Student!Kuroko} |  Ongoing ✏ by mikauim
Dominant Sensei {Teacher!Akashi x...by mika
As a student of Seirin High School, I would admit, that the school is dull as hell, until he came along... When our new teacher, Akashi Seijuro, was introduced to our c...
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The Secret Life Of Kuroko Tetsuya *SUPER SLOW UPDATES*  by shirocanary
The Secret Life Of Kuroko Tetsuya...by patpatpat
The members of the Seirin High School's basketball club has always been curious about Kuroko's life outside of school. Who would have known that his life outside of scho...
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Kuroko No Basuke Oneshots And Stories by yetyoibabe
Kuroko No Basuke Oneshots And Stor...by Yetyoi Babe
This is a book of One-shots or Short Stories (Kuroko no Basuke Character x Reader). - Fluff - Angst - Smut - AU - Lemon - I don't do Yaoi or Yuri so please refrain from...
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What if?! KNB X READER [complete] by theclumsylion
What if?! KNB X READER [complete]by Hye Lin (헤인 린)
don't you always have that one question hanging off your tongue, that question that always sparks something new? so let it out.... what if? [completed] but some update...
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Kuroko no Basuke (Various x Reader) by B-ball4ever
Kuroko no Basuke (Various x Reader)by Silver
[Request status: CLOSED] Inspired by two authors on Wattpad to make this book of Kuroko no Basuke x Readers. Hope you all enjoy my first book~. DISCLAIMER: I do not...
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Kuroko betrayed by -In_the_deep_sea-
Kuroko betrayedby How do we all live?
Kuroko was the "6th player of GoM" and "the shadow of siren." It was after the winter cup when they had won and everyone turned back to normal. Kurok...
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The Orange Miracle [Kuroko no Basket x Haikyu!! Crossover] by kurokonobaskue
The Orange Miracle [Kuroko no Bask...by ume
Hinata Shoyo never went to the middle school where he would eventually meet Kageyama at a match. What happens if he went to Teiko Junior high instead? What happens if he...
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Knb - What if... (Scenario ) by UghUshi
Knb - What if... (Scenario )by ║ ║▌█║UghCassie ║▌█║║
This is a Kuroko No Basuke - What if... (scenario) and knb x reader oneshot book. I accept requests , you can either comment it or message me personally. I'm not very...
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flowers (akashi seijuro) by Type-zer0
flowers (akashi seijuro)by Zero
Just like flowers, their story grew beautifully; but just like every other living thing, it had an end. Disclaimer: I do not own Kuroko No Basuke. I also do not own you...
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She Who Stole The Emperor's Absolute Hair ||AKASHI FANFICTION|| by artesiaaria
She Who Stole The Emperor's Absolu...by Aria-chan
There's so many options in what to steal... His scissors... His jersey... His pictures... or other material things that is easy to steal in a glimpse without HIM knowing...
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The Pet That Needs Love (AkaKuro) by LilyBun5588
The Pet That Needs Love (AkaKuro)by Lily
An Male Omega half wolf/Cat half human was abused by a gang so Kuroko ran away using misdirection and was later on saved and got owned by a certain red head who is tak...
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Orenji (Kuroko No Basuke Fanfiction) by greentofu11
Orenji (Kuroko No Basuke Fanfictio...by Mil
Have you ever realize that the Generation of Miracles actually resembles the color of a rainbow? Like Akashi as red, Kise as yellow, Midorima as green, Aomine as blue, M...
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The Seventh Prodigy (Kuroko no Basket fanfiction) by LilyWzy14
The Seventh Prodigy (Kuroko no Bas...by Akashi Seika
The six boys who are later on known as the Generation of Miracles entered their first year in Teiko middle school. Through their amazing manager, Momoi Satsuki, they me...
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[KnB X Reader] Your boy~ ❤ [ ON HOLD ] by Suo_Misaki
[KnB X Reader] Your boy~ ❤ [ ON HO...by .
Hope you enjoy this book~ ><
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Intertwined Destiny by KiriharaReii
Intertwined Destinyby KiriharaReii_SheriChew
Shattered by the devil's hands and his intentions, Kuroko escaped the clutches of Teiko empire. The furious devil master, possessive of his love, had refused the innocen...
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❤ Warm Hearts ❤ (Akashi x OC) by SleepyBunBunny
❤ Warm Hearts ❤ (Akashi x OC)by SleeplessBunny
Ivory Tachibana is a normal 8th grader in Teiko Middle school. She doesn't play any sports, but she is a strategist. Ivory was chosen to be the manager for the boys bask...
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Emerald Light (Midorima Shintaro x Reader) by greentofu11
Emerald Light (Midorima Shintaro x...by Mil
Generation of Miracles and The Phantom Sixth Man are known as the strongest basketball players of all. That's what all people thinks. Until one day a girl came to Teiko...
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