Chapter 19 [date number 2]

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Here's the 3rd time I rode a train to Kyoto and this time it was by myself again.

I rode the morning train, so it wasn't too crowded like the last time. Seijurou picked me up. Actually, the chauffeur did, but Seijurou was the one who greeted me and all that.

And here we are right now, in front of an unfamiliar amusement park. A huge one in fact.

Oh wow, I'm excited.

We arrived here just in time it to be opened. Such a coincidence. What most people would say.

"Wow." I said, gaping at the place.

The amusement park was not like what I expected. The ones I expected were more crowded and filled with rides around, but this place was far from that. The park features a collection of various traditional buildings which are occasionally used as a backdrop for filming historical movies and television dramas. I suppose that why it's called Kyoto Studio Park [Movie Land]. I don't really mind, though.

"Miss, Sir." The park attendant who was dressed as a samurai called out to us. "Are you perhaps interested in renting a costume?"

"Could you please clarify it more?" Seijurou asked.

"In here, Kyoto Movie Land, you could dress up in period dress and get photographed in more than 30 different attires including samurai, geisha, and ninja, just by renting period style costumes for 8500 to 16000 yen."

Seijurou nodded in understanding and turned to me. "Are you interested in it?" He asked. "I don't mind either way."

"I don't know...."I answered back truthfully. "I guess it doesn't seem that bad."

"If that's the case, where could we rent the costumes?"

"Oh, follow me!" The attendant smiled as he led the way.

He led us to a building, inside were closets full of costumes. The cost will be depended on what costume we pick. Seijurou and I were separated since the section of the female costumes were different.

"What costume would you like to wear?" A different attendant asked, smiling. This time, it was a female, dressed as a geisha.

"Oh um..let me pick."

"Go ahead."

I scanned through the costumes with my finger. The clothes were not the one I'm familiar with. Of course, it's clothes from the periodic times. The designs were interesting in their own way, but there's this one that seems really out of place.

"Hmm?" I mumbled to myself as I pulled the costume from the rack.

The attendant noticed this and widen her eyes and quickly grabbed the clothing from my hands. "This was not supposed to be here." She muttered to herself. "This is a eunuch costume."

"Eunuch?" I asked, confusedly. "Wait, could you please explain?"

"Huh? Oh, pardon me, miss." The attendant apologized. "This costume was misplace. It was supposed to be in the men's section."

"I see." I nodded in understanding.

"I'll return this for a moment, in the meantime, you could continue checking the costumes out till you found the one you like." The attendant said before walking towards the door, but just before she could walk out, I stopped her.

"Wait!" I cried out. "It is possible for me to wear that?"

The attendant turned back and looked at me with a confused look. "Well, it's possible, but it's a men's costume."

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