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"Cheer up, I don't like seeing girls like you cry."

Gahh! Stop it you stupid brain! Stop repeating those sentence in my head!

He's just comforting me, nothing to be obsessed about. Then Why are you so obsessed by it, brain?! Why?! It doesn't make sense!


After that night, that particular sentence was the one that always on my mind these days. I didn't know why or how but it just is...

While I was all like this and that, Akashi acted like nothing happened. He did, however, was a little open towards me.

The days seemed to go so fast when everything was all planned out.

Apparently, that 1 day and night was the only free schedule we had. I had fun nonetheless.

And as of right now, we're sitting in the car on our way back home.

"Did you have fun kids?" Mr.Akashi asked with a small smile.

"Yes, father/Mr.Akashi." we both said in unison.

"That's great then!" Mother cheered. "I hope you have gotten closer by this trip."

"Yes, we have ma'am." Akashi answered politely. "Your daughter was quite an interesting one." Akashi chuckled.

That was quite an out of character of him.

"Oh, she is, isn't she?" Mother commented. "I'm sorry if she bothered you."

"Not at all." Akashi commented back with a smile.

Okay, what the heck is going on? Why is he smiling? Why is-

"How about you?" Mr.akashi said my name. "Did Akashi bothered you in any way?"

"Huh? Not at all! He's well mannered!" I quickly replied back.

"That's good to hear." Mr.Akashi chuckled.

Mother and father have said farewell to Mr.Akashi and his son and I was the one that's left. I almost forgot about it till I felt a little shove on my side. I laughed awkwardly and cleared my throat.

"Well, goodbye Mr. Akashi, Akashi-kun." I said farewell. "It's a pleasure to meet you two."

"Goodbye."Mr.Akashi replied back. "Pleasure to meet you too."

"Yeah. Pleasure to meet you too." Akashi said in a monotone. "Goodbye."

Apparently, that very friendly Akashi only exists when he's talking to mother.

I smiled at both of them and just when I was about to turn around, Akashi called my name.

I turned toward him, curious to what made him call me. "What is it, Akashi-kun?"

"You remember about the game we talk about right?"


"Basketball." He stated. " I would like you to come to my play."

"Oh, sure!" I cried excitedly. "I would love to! I'll give you my email to contact me if you want."

" There's no need. I've already had it."

"Oh, okay." I smiled not bothered by the fact he already had my email. "See you!"

"See you."


That night...

I got out of the bathroom with my pajamas on.

After those fun and torturing trip, I finally can feel relax in my room. I laid on my bed and snuggled with a plain body pillow.

Just as I was about to close my eyes. A 'ping' was heard all around my room.

Thinking it was Akashi, I quickly grab my phone. Much to my disappointment, it was just some spam email that I frequently got.

How pitiful.

I laid back down to my bed and sighed. Thinking how stupid I was to think that Akashi would email me at this hour.

As I was about to close my eyes again, a second 'ping' was heard. Surely enough, I sat up from the bed and took my phone.

Another spam email.

This process continued till I'm finally fed up with the spam emails and decided to ignore it.


Darn you..

I ended up taking my phone again and to my much disappointment, it's another spam email.

Oh for the love of...

At this right moment, I've made a decision to block every single useless spam email I've gotten. It was harder since those spams weren't just sent by one email, it was multiple.

Why do people like sending spam anyway?!


"Oh for crying out loud!" I shouted in frustration and was about to block the email when an unfamiliar email pop up.

The one that I've been waiting for.

Subject: Basketball match

Please pardon me for sending you this email on such hour. I would like to inform you that the match will be set on Tuesday, November 18, 20XX at Rakuzan for it is just a practice match. I would also like it if you be able to make it in time.

Sincerely, Akashi.

I quickly type in a reply and save his email.

Despite the email being too formal, I was happy. I was happy that he didn't forget me or anything that sort. I was also happy that he wanted me to watch him play.

I could hardly wait.

With that one last thought, I drifted to sleep.

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