Chapter 1 [A blind date]

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"Mother! Can I not go?!" I cried desperately to my mother, pleading her to let me off the arrangement.

My mother gave a disgusted look towards my childish behaviour and 'tch-ed'. "Honestly, how many times have you ask this? For the 12th time, the answer is no, you may not. Do you know how hard is it for mother to arranged this date?"

"But moth-"

"Silence. You're going and that's final." With that being said, my mother ordered the maids and butlers to make sure that I went to the date.

As I waited for my date to arrive, I couldn't help but felt a little nervous. Little was an understatement. I was VERY nervous.

Calm down, you can do this.

It's just a date.

I can do this.

I can do this.

I can-

"Hello." A voice said, causing me to startle. I looked up and was about greet back with my current optimistic attitude, but that confidence all went to the drain once I looked at the boy's heterochromatic eyes.

Uh..uh..h-hello!" I shuttered out and tried to look away, but no matter what I did, I couldn't.

"Sorry to have kept you waiting." The boy apologized. "I'm Seijūrō, Akashi Seijūrō. You must be..." he said my name.

"Um...yeah.."I shuttered out once again. "Hi"

Shoot, had I just greeted him again?

"U-um, no I mean- What I meant to say is that um." I rambled, trying to fix my mistake from before, but instead make it worse.

"No, it's fine." Akashi said and gave me a small smile. "You look beautiful."

"Oh you too!"




"No! What I mean is that you look handsome!" I quickly said to break off the awkward silence and covered my 2nd mistake. "Not beautiful, handsome!"

"Right." Akashi replied slowly. " Shall we order now?"

"Um..yeah, sure." I said softly in fear of messing up again.

This is one of the reasons why I loathed the idea of going on dates.


Akashi ordered our food like any gentlemen would, but as for me, I was as clumsy and stupid as I could.

It's rather obvious with that lost expression of his.

"" I said, trying to brighten the mood attempted to act more mature in a time being. "How old are you?"

"16." He replied, with a look that gave off a negative feel. It was as if he has completely given up on the date, which I hope to heavens not.

"We're the same age then." I chuckled awkwardly. "So..what type of girls do you like?"

"I like elegant women." He answered, staring at me with his piercing eyes.

Which is the complete opposite of me

"Do I look elegant?" I asked, completely lost for questions. As if just realizing what I said, my eyes widen in horror and tried to cover my mistake when..

"You look elegant, it's just your manners are a turnoff for me"

How straightforward.

"I'm sorry for that." I chuckled awkwardly pretending to not take offense. "Y-you see, I'm a little awkward around people and you've probably have noticed it minutes ago."

Akashi nodded his head in confirmation.

I slowly let out a chuckle and continued to explained. "I'm homeschool if you didn't know that, which may be the cause of my social awkwardness."

Akashi nodded his head again, this time in understanding. "I see."

"At any rate, enough about me. What school do you go to?" I asked. "Any particular school club you joined?"

"Rakuzan." Akashi responded. "I joined the basketball club."

"Basketball?" I asked curiously. " If I'm not wrong, in order score points, the player must shoot the ball through the basket. Right? I've read about them in a newspaper before, but I've never really watched them."

"Yeah." He replied. "Are you interested in watching one?"

"I'd love too." I answered with a small laugh.

"Then you should come and watch us play." Akashi offered. "Our victory is a guarantee."

"That's great!" I voiced out. "How are you so sure? You're not even worried?" I laughed softly.

"No, for my words are absolute." He replied quite smugly.

Not long after, the food came and we ate gracefully.

In my opinion, the date went well. Better than the previous dates at least. I learned that Akashi tends to be overconfident with his ability, but we can never know till we find out. He might be telling the truth.

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