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The Orange Miracle [Kuroko no Basket x Haikyu!! Crossover] by kurokonobaskue
The Orange Miracle [Kuroko no ume
Hinata Shoyo never went to the middle school where he would eventually meet Kageyama at a match. What happens if he went to Teiko Junior high instead? What happens if he...
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☆★ Kuroko no Basuke Oneshots by gukvee
☆★ Kuroko no Basuke Oneshotsby —
knb x reader
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Her Last Name (Akashi Seijuro X OC) |✔ by Raven_Leonhardt
Her Last Name (Akashi Seijuro X Song_Ji_Dae
"Isn't it ironic? You returned where you came from. You became the same girl with no title and no respect. And this is where you belong, this is what you...
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Kuroko No Baske [ One Shots ] by Kurokooo123
Kuroko No Baske [ One Shots ]by Kurokooo123
Some One Shots and Imagines you'd all love 😆
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Kuroko no Basket x Reader by Syiauma
Kuroko no Basket x Readerby Yuma
One word with lots of emotions. P.s. requests are open
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Eh? Ah, Sou. [Kise R.] by char_zardx
Eh? Ah, Sou. [Kise R.]by And I oop
Yohime was blunt, cruelly so. A girl who disliked many things- crowned the most fearsome delinquent of Kaijou High within her first three days, there was one thing she...
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THE HIDDEN EMPEROR'S EYES ✔️ by adorablecake
Highest ranking achieved: #224 in fanfiction. What if Kuroko is not really weak What if he's hiding something that only him and his family knew. . . . It all started wh...
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KNB Cute Scenarios by saydiiex
KNB Cute Scenariosby D.C
These are just random scenarios from the GoM and Taiga based on your point of view. Hope you enjoy it! And have a lovely day!
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Kuroko No Basket × Reader Oneshots by Nikourou_Nick
Kuroko No Basket × Reader Oneshotsby Nick
From one-shots to mini-stories, this book has it all. I promise you that my stories won't disappoint you at all, though it does have a lot of typos from time to time. Bu...
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The Generation of Miracles Hates Me - A Kuroko No Basket Fanfic by KurokoTetsuya
The Generation of Miracles Hates Sae
(EDITING IN PROGRESS) The five of them: Kuroko Tetsuya, Kise Ryouta, Midorima Shintaro, Aomine Daiki, and Murasakibara Atsushi. Why is it that I do not recognize them, y...
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The Other Self | Akakuroaka ✔ by gay-ikemen
The Other Self | Akakuroaka ✔by ryuu
Completed ✔ Akashi × Kuroko × Akashi After nearly getting molested on the cold night streets, Kuroko Tetsuya found himself being saved by a mysterious person whom he had...
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Yesterday [Akashi Seijuro/Seijuurou x OC] by gukvee
Yesterday [Akashi Seijuro/ —
"surely there will come a time for us to meet again" [NOT YET EDITED] --ShadeOfBluee
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The Second Kagami (Kuroko no Basket/Basuke) by realityoranime
The Second Kagami (Kuroko no lazy
Kagami Sora is no ordinary girl. Like you can probably tell Kagami Sora is Kagami Taiga's little sister. And just like her brother, she shares the same passion for bask...
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Dreams Come True If You Just Believe (Aomine Daiki x OC) by Naruse-kun
Dreams Come True If You Just Bakashi_Naruse
This is a story about a girl, Kurosaki Yuuki, whose dream was to meet the Generation of Miracles. It was her first day of school at Kaijou Highschool when it all happene...
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Their Special Player (Kuroko no Basuke) by Ms_Gehenna
Their Special Player (Kuroko no ✗️vminsshi✗️
[[Disclaimer: I do not own Kuroko no Basuke or its characters. I only own my OC. Credit goes to Fujimaki Tadatoshi. Credits to @Akemi_Akashi for the cover. Yay!~ It's no...
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You belong to me. (Yandere Akashi x Reader) by scissors_4kashi
You belong to me. (Yandere #ѕєιιѕнвαє♚
Summary: You're an intelligent student and received a scholarship to a famous private high school, Rakuzan High. On your first day, you accidentally dumped into a certai...
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Casual Affair | Akakuro [ON HOLD] by gay-ikemen
Casual Affair | Akakuro [ON HOLD]by ryuu
On hold 🚫 Akashi × Kuroko In a world where Alphas, betas, and omegas existed, Kuroko Tetsuya-an omega, found out that his best friend Akashi Seijuro is going to be marr...
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He's Ours (Kuroko no Basket Fanfic) by yozoranight_
He's Ours (Kuroko no Basket Fanfic)by 夜空
The Generation of Miracles has a seventh member. The member they all cared for and came to love. They were protective over him and didn't want him to be exposed to any h...
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The Seventh (Kuroko no Basket FanFic) by Pikaroo22
The Seventh (Kuroko no Basket 𝕞𝕠𝕪𝕒
The Generation of Miracles was always a force to be reckoned with. No one could beat them at their game, until one little shadow showed up and blew them away. The phanto...
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UnLucky (Midorima Shintaro x OC) by fsyuuske
UnLucky (Midorima Shintaro x OC)by Ciel
A stunning beauty, a tsundere basketball player. "Ne~ Your Midorima Shintarou right?" A sudden meeting "Yeah, who are you nanodayo?" A mysterious s...
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