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Cracking The Emperor's Code [Akashi X Reader] by TheBlindTopaz
Cracking The Emperor's Code [ CecileNov
This story's a Akashi x reader fanfiction. the story is set in your POV, without the use of [y/n] and anything that sort. This story development will be sort off slow. ...
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The Other Self | Akakuroaka ✔ by gay-ikemen
The Other Self | Akakuroaka ✔by ryuu
Completed ✔ Akashi × Kuroko × Akashi After nearly getting molested on the cold night streets, Kuroko Tetsuya found himself being saved by a mysterious person whom he had...
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Tetsu-chan ✔ by gay-ikemen
Tetsu-chan ✔by ryuu
Completed ✔ A fluffy short story about baby Tetsuya's childhood. ⚠️ Contains fluff, loads of it ⚠ [I do not own the characters nor the picture! All credits goes to Fujim...
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Death of the Bachelor | Akakuro [ON HOLD] by gay-ikemen
Death of the Bachelor | Akakuro [ ryuu
On hold ️🚫 Akashi × Kuroko × Akashi Moving into the next chapter of their life, Kuroko Tetsuya, along with his husbands; Akashi Seijuro and Seijiro started to face some...
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Oreshi-niichan & Bokushi-niichan by Newtismyshank
Oreshi-niichan & Bokushi-niichanby Newt Is My Shank
Kuroko Akashi (Oreshi) and Kuroko Seijuurou (Bokushi) are the two talented adopted twins of the Kuroko family. Intelligent, charming, and just drop-dead gorgeous, they a...
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I hate my eyes! (Akashi x reader)  by Naruto_God
I hate my eyes! (Akashi x reader) by Naruto_God
You're a rich girl, whose parents were killed. You and your three older brothers go to America and made friends. But those friends working for the man that killed your p...
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Personalities (akakuro) by xxKurokoSeijuroxx
Personalities (akakuro)by April June Deligero
Akashi has a split personality named Bokushi. Unlike Akashi, Bokushi is heartless and evil whereas Akashi is kind and caring. Bokushi always control Akashi's body and ev...
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Bored AF | random [Oneshots] by TheBlindTopaz
Bored AF | random [Oneshots]by CecileNov
just some collection of Oneshots [Anime related or not] I made for my friends and the ones that I made when I was bored. In you have any request you want to give me, ple...
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Accidental Siblings  by tnguyen3575
Accidental Siblings by Eternal Love
When Akashi's other self disappeared after the Jabberwock versus Vorpal Swords match, he thought that was the last time he'd see him again. So when Bokushi is reborn aga...
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Play The Devil's Advocate  by LilWyvern
Play The Devil's Advocate by LilWyvern
A short Kuroko no Basket's Fanfiction about Akashi's inner demon. Disclaimer: Akashi belongs to Tadatoshi Fujimaki.
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