Chapter 18.5 [let's chat]

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It was just another typical day.

Turns out mother did not get mad at me for having an argument with that person. I guess, it turned out well for me.

Things have been kinda boring these past few days. The closest schedule I have was the 2nd date, which is 3 days to go.

I grabbed my phone on the bedside and check stuff out. Of course, nothing really important came out of it. My contacts weren't even that much, just 5. Seijurou included, I have asked for his number through email.

I could chat with Seijurou.

No.. I'll just bother him.

I contemplate for awhile before sending a message anyway.

[Message][To Seijurou]: Hello 😊

'Oh gosh...I sent it...' I thought as I set down my phone. Not long after that, the sound of a notification was heard.

I quickly shuffled up from my bed and grab my phone.

You have a new message.

[Message][from Seijurou]: Hey.

Hey. Just a Y and no emoticon.

What does that mean?!

Am I bothering him?

Should I have not done that?

What am I gonna say now?!

'Calm down, he's just being polite and why am I so nervous by just texting him?'
was what I asked myself before realizing that this was my first time texting him without a subject, what-so-ever.

Before I could even think properly, another notification was heard.

[Message][from Seijurou]: Did you need anything?

No, I'm just bored, was my genuine answer, but I can't send him that!

[Message][to Seijurou]: Nothing really. I Just want to check on you. What are you doing right now?

I went with this answer, but...doesn't it seems a bit...

[Message][from Seijurou]: I see. I'm quite flattered for you to care. I just finished today's practice. How's your day?

[Message][to Seijurou]: Good. Just did some works which my teacher gave me.

[Message][from Seijurou]: that's good.

[Message][from Seijurou]: in any case, what is the colour of your dress you picked? My father wants our clothing to match.

[Message][to Seijurou]: Oh that. I picked a white dress. {Insert picture} there you go.

[Message][from Seijurou]: that's nice.

Seijurou just ended the topic right there. that cause me to think of another topic to start since I don't want it to end quite just yet.

Speaking of which, where are we going on our 2nd date? I'm quite curious about it.

It wouldn't hurt to ask, right?

[Message][to Seijurou]: Seijurou-kun.

[Message][from Seijurou]: yes?

[Message][from Seijurou]: sorry to ask, but..where are we going for date?

[Message][from Seijurou]: I'm not quite sure yet. Where do you want to go?

[Message][to Seijurou]: I don't know either. Maybe some kind of amusement park? never been in one of those before.

[Message][from Seijurou]: never been?

[Message][to Seijurou]: yeah. 😅

[Message][from Seijurou]: There's an amusement park here in Kyoto. Are you interested?

[Message][to Seijurou]: sure! What's it like?

[Message][from Seijurou]: Just like any amusement park. I'll tell you when I get the full detail.

[Message][to Seijurou]: oh okay. Looking forward to it. 😊

[Message][from Seijurou]: So amusement park it is. I'll inform my father about this, then we'll plan the rest.

[Message][to Seijurou]: I got it! I should inform my parents about this too. See you in 3 days~~ 😄😄

[Message][from Seijurou]: see you~ 😄😄

[Message][from Seijurou]: that's what you thought I'd say didn't you?

[Message][from Seijurou]: people will nag me about it if they find out.

[Message][from Seijurou]: Nice chatting with you. See you on Saturday.

So...a date with Akashi in an amusement park eh?
(I'll stick with Akashi because Seijurou is too weird for me)

I kinda regret making Akashi and reader-san live far apart. One in Tokyo and another in Kyoto. *sigh*
I guess a long distance relationship for you..

Is it even a relationship? Neither do both of you like each other yet.

Or that's what reader-san thought. can't really see it and she hasn't admitted to it yet.


Oh well.

I got inspired by a game that involves with chatting. So yeah.. I guess this is where all the chatting conversation came from.

Despite what I said in the previous Author's note, I manage to find spare time to write.
So, here a bonus chapter~
That's all I have to say.😊

See you~~😄

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