Chapter 15 [ Crepes night ]

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It's the next day.

The day seems to go fast, I couldn't barely remember what we ate for our last dinner. Now, here I'm again at Rakuzan, this time watching them from the railing above the court with a slightly more crowd than last time.

"This is the first time. I've watch a basketball match." A brunette girl said to her friend beside. "The guys are kinda attractive too. Especially the one with the black hair." She giggled.

"Heh? You think so?" Her friend responded back. "I think the redhead is pretty cute."

"You mean Akashi? He's cold, definately not good for you."


"Yes, really."

Why am I eavesdropping to their conversation? And futhermore what's with the way they talk? Aren't they here to watch the game? Why are they judging them base on their appearance and what more judging Akashi by the rumors they heard?

Why am I even so work up about this?

"Hey, look the other team's coming out!" The same brunette girl cried. That cause myself to snapped out of my thought and looked towards the entrance. Like what the girl mention before, the other team was indeed coming out. The members were interesting in their own way, there's some who's insanely tall, especially the purple hair guy, and one of the person just so happened to be the guy I met awhile back.

What's his name again? Is it Hiruka Tatsuya? Hiruko Tetsuya? I don't quite remember.

"Hey, the emo black haired guy is also cute." The brunette commented. "Heck everyone's cute, except for the captain, he looks like a gorilla."

I almost choke on my own spit after hearing that. She just called a person a gorilla.

"That's mean, Saiko-san."

"It true, though." She said truthfully.

Apparently, the guy who just been stated looks like a gorilla overheard her and was now looking all miserable. His teammate tired to comfort him but was sniggering at the same time causing the captain look more miserable.

I can't help but snigger at the whole event. It's sorta ridiculous in my opinion. This sort of thing doesn't happen every day.

Hiruko, I presume, looked up to see who said that and chuckled. He then noticed me standing there, holding my laughter in.

"Ah! Hello." Hiruko cried." Nice to meet you again!"

"Wait, is the hot emo kid talking to me?" The brunette whispered to her friend.

"No, I think he's talking to the girl beside me." She whispered back.

If they're going to whisper at least do it more non-audibly.

"Hello, Hiruko-san, was it?" I asked, waving my arm awkwardly

"It's Himuro actually." The guy whom I thought was Hiruko corrected me. "Did you decided to come watch me?" He teased.

"Unfortunately, no." I denied politely with a small smile on my face.

"Aw, that's too bad." Himuro said as he chuckled again. "Well, it's nice seeing you here."


"Himuro! Come over here!" The raven-haired girl called out. "The game's starting!"

"Yes, coach!" He called back. "I should get going now. Maybe I would see you later."

"Sure, maybe." I smiled. "Nice seeing you Himuro-san. Sorry for the mistake before."

"It's fine." He smiled back. "See you!" With that, he ran towards his teammates who were grumbling impatiently.

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