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Their Secret Ace (Kuroko No Basuke Fanfic) [COMPLETED] by RSE_ME
Their Secret Ace (Kuroko No MJ
Kaiga Kudo was a member of the Generation of Miracles that was not remembered very well by most peopl, but his exceptional plays still remains as a legend. But things ha...
  • basketball
  • akashiseijoro
  • knb
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The Unmotivated Prodigy | KnB Fanfic by _avocadhoe
The Unmotivated Prodigy | KnB #Lilah#
"Why don't you ever take things seriously?" "Why should I?" +++ {Yaoi fanfic! GoM x Male!oc} {7th Member of the Generation of Miracles fanfic}
  • yaoi
  • knb
  • boyxboy
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Secret Sister (Kuroko no Basuke Fanfiction) VERY SLOW UPDATE by EmilySpinkz
Secret Sister (Kuroko no Basuke EmilySpinkz
Kuroko Tetsuya have a Twin sister, But not just a twin but a Blind Twin Sister... Emiko Is the Twin sister of the Phantom Sixth Man who no one knew until the day all of...
  • knb
  • royalty
  • special
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That Day (Seijuro Akashi Fanfiction) by LynEmpress
That Day (Seijuro Akashi nivans, lyn
[Seijuro Akashi X OC] Every single day with him was memorable and unforgettable. It had been carved onto my heart, I'll belong to him. Always. Forever and ever. That Day...
  • seijuroakashi
  • thebasketballwhichkurokoplays
  • kurokonobasuke
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(AA026) The Akakuro Family by AngelAnime026
(AA026) The Akakuro Familyby AngelAnimeDiary
*omegaverse* warning: mpreg this is a story of kuroko and Akashi and their family
  • akashixkuroko
  • lgbt
  • kuroko
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The Black in Blue by 1LIKEF00D
The Black in Blueby ・∀・
The grief behind those eyes. The sadness in that smile...
  • kuroko
  • akashi
  • teiko
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The Princess of Sports (Knb x Oc x Haikyuu) by Windree
The Princess of Sports (Knb x Oc Windree
Kozume Kamiko, the younger twin sister of Kozume Kenma. Unlike her twin brother, Kamiko went to a different middle school. She attended Teiko middle school, and started...
  • modelling
  • kurokonobasket
  • manga
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The Girl From America| (Kuroko no Basket x Fem!Reader) by MiuMiichiChoco
The Girl From America| (Kuroko MiuMiichiChoco
After Kagami landed in America and got settled in, there were news about a new group of basketball players that just moved in. Not many players have seen them play, howe...
  • anime
  • gớm
  • basketball
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Eh? Ah, Sou. by char_zardx
Eh? Ah, ~ Charlotte ~
Yohime was blunt, cruelly so. A girl who disliked many things- crowned the most fearsome delinquent of Kaijou High within her first three days, there was one thing she...
  • sportsanime
  • ryotakise
  • ryota
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Possession (Kuroko no Basket Yaoi fanfic) by DivineYaoi
Possession (Kuroko no Basket hypnoticjhs
Kise has an undying possession toward Kasamatsu, despite the fact that Kasamatsu isn't even his. ||| KNB||| KIKASA||||
  • knbyaoi
  • animeyaoi
  • yaoi
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He Meets His Match [Kuroko no Basket Fanfiction: Aomine Daiki] by iLoveTetsuyakuN
He Meets His Match [Kuroko no Mimura Riko
(Slowly editing and very slow updates) Kagami Chiyori is your typical fanfiction girl who loves basketball and whose choices didn't really matter. She's got no say when...
  • himuro
  • tatsuya
  • basuke
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Isolated Player (Boyxboy) (KnB fanfic) by QWilliamSikes
Isolated Player (Boyxboy) (KnB QWilliamSikes
4 years. 4 years. Spent in a coma due to a freak accident. 4 years that Kai Akashi will have to make up for. He cares not about his lost memories. He only desires are...
  • murisakibara
  • basketball
  • gay
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Basketball or Volleyball? || KNB × Fem!Reader × HQ!! by maethecrazyone_
Basketball or Volleyball? || KNB × ...
[SLOW UPDATES] :_________: "There was once a very powerful high school filled with amazing volleyball skills only to be brought back down after the third years th...
  • karasuno
  • generationsofmiracles
  • haikyuuxreader
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Friend Zone (Kise Ryouta fanfiction) by notyourfantasy
Friend Zone (Kise Ryouta xxxx xxxxxxx
[COMPLETED] I am nothing but a childhood friend in his eyes but I know, one day, it will all change. (Kise Ryouta x OC)
  • high
  • knb
  • friend
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Not Just A Sport! by Princesshimechan
Not Just A Sport!by Princesshimechan
Sakina is Aomine's younger Cousin. She loves Basketball, however she inspires to become a Pro Tennis player. Sakina Attends a school by the name of Seigaku, Famous for...
  • growth
  • kagami
  • anime
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Kuroko no Basket One Shots - One More Shot by AtsushiPocky
Kuroko no Basket One Shots - One jenn
A collection of Oc x KnB & Reader x KnB one shots ( ' ▽ ' )ノ * many one shots in the collection but currently not being updated d i s c l a i m e r : I do not own Kuroko...
  • knb
  • oneshots
  • kurokonobasket
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What if?! KNB X READER [complete] by theclumsylion
What if?! KNB X READER [complete]by Hye Lin (헤인 린)
don't you always have that one question hanging off your tongue, that question that always sparks something new? so let it out.... what if? [completed] but some update...
  • akashiseijuro
  • humor
  • kagamitaiga
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[EDITING] Star crossed  (Knb: Akashi x Reader) by kyralovesanime
[EDITING] Star crossed (Knb: カイラロヴスアニメ
{COMPLETED AND UNDERCONSTRUCTION} "I'll be by your side forever (your name), and don't you ever forget that!" "When I looked into the starry night sky I...
  • manga
  • fluff
  • love
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The Seventh Prodigy (Kuroko no Basket fanfiction) by LilyWzy14
The Seventh Prodigy (Kuroko no Akashi Seika
The six boys who are later on known as the Generation of Miracles entered their first year in Teiko middle school. Through their amazing manager, Momoi Satsuki, they me...
  • hayashimikami
  • kagamitaiga
  • momoisatsuki
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Mischievous Fate (KNB: Midorima Shintarou) by DreamsDoComeTrue
Mischievous Fate (KNB: Midorima Arissa 🍀
After 3 years of secretly admiring Midorima Shintarou, Chano Shizuka finally confessed on their graduation day―only to get rejected. Why? The reason is simple: because t...
  • knbfanfic
  • midorimashintarou
  • midorima
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