chapter 25 [GG]

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"Yes, you like him, sweetheart."

"You like him, sweetheart."

"You like him."

"I like him..." I mumbled to myself as I re-think what Himuro said to me.

It has been a week since Himuro said that and yet it's still on my mind.

To think that I could like someone.

Never did I think I would actually like someone. To be honest, I thought I'd be single forever or just marry someone that my parents has assigned me without having any feelings towards him.

I can't believe that I manage to like someone and furthermore a semi-cold guy like him.

If it was just any normal day, I would already roll around like an idiot, shouting into the pillow with flushed cheeks, being embarrass or what not, but it was not the time.

I still need to resolve things with Seijurou and..right now...

My parents weren't too happy.

"What is this? Why didn't you tell us beforehand?" Mother glared. "Why didn't you tell us about the postponement? How could you just decided things on your own?"

I stayed silent. I honestly can't say anything to that. It was not my decision it was his. There was a misunderstanding and..

"Answer me!" Mother exclaimed, hitting her desk roughly. "How could you decided things on your own?!"

I flinched, this was the first time that mother's been this furious with me. I wish I could answer her but, I can't. I can't tell her about the misunderstanding.

Father was standing beside my mother. He looked disappointed.

"I'm so sorry." I apologized. "I really am."

"Sorry wasn't enough!" Mother scolded. "If you think that the engagement party was rushed, you should have said so! If you need more time you should say so! But you didn't! You just go and decided things on your own! What's worse is that you didn't tell us about the postponement at all! We heard it from Mr.Akashi!"


"I'm disappointed in you." Mother said sternly. Despite that she was screaming and scolding me, she looked sad.



"Why didn't you tell us?" Mother said calmly this time with her voice cracking a bit. "I know being arranged on an engagement when you're just 16 sounds really ridiculous, if I were you I don't want that too, but...we.." mother paused for effect before continuing. "We think it's for the best for all of us. We knew.. we knew...that.."

Mother stopped on her own sentence and looked down and sighed. It was not that obvious but she was crying.


Father comfort mother for a while before continuing for her. "What your mother was trying to say is that we Knew how much of a social awkward you are. You also rarely went outside. We were worried that you might not find a partner. We would arrange it later on but, there was a good opportunity. " Father sighed. "I won't get into too much detail but, our and Mr.Akashi company decided to combine the company. We would do the usual way, but we talked for a bit and turns out, he had a son same age as yours and so that's where it brought us now."

"The reason why your mother was so upset..was because.. she thinks that you didn't trust us enough to talk about it to us." Father smiled sorrowfully. "But..I'm sure that's not the case right?"

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