Chapter 9 [Horseback riding]

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"You own a horse?"

"Yes, I often go horseback riding." Akashi said while caressing the horse head.

"I see." I chuckled. "What's its name?"

"He's Yukimaru." He answered.

Just in time, a man who seemed to be the horse's caretaker came into the view and gave Akashi a helmet, boots, and all the necessary clothing for horse-riding. That included the polo shirt and a not so short jeans.

For a second there, I thought the set was for him but seeing that he have worn the set, made me realized that it couldn't be for him.

Which mean...

"Put in on." Akashi ordered, putting the stuff in my hands. "I'm going to teach you horse-riding."


"" I shuttered as I sat on the brown horse that the caretaker brought out a minute ago. "How do I make the horse move?" I asked to the redhead beside me.

"Hug your legs around the horse, rocking forward in the saddle every so often, and look forward." Akashi instructed. "Horses are incredibly sensitive animals and can tell where you're looking and where your focus is from the subtle difference your body position will have."

I did what's told and the horse moves a little, but stop when I lean back.

"Um..the horse stop."

"Are you pulling the reins back or leaning back while asking the horse to move forward?" Akashi asked and turn Yukimaru towards me. "If you do, don't. Make sure you aren't sending confusing cues to the horse."

"Oh okay."

I tried what Akashi told me to not confused the horse, but no matter what I did the horse seemed to just stayed still.

Akashi sighed as he looked at my pitiful fiasco and got off his horse. "Move your foot out of the stirrup." He commanded.

Assuming that it's the metal object that I'm currently supporting my foot on, I did as told. Akashi then climbed onto the brown horse and wrapped his arms around my body to hold the rope or as what Akashi mentioned reins.

This gesture caused me felt uncomfortable cause this was a first time anyone has done this to me. I know that he's just teaching me how to ride a horse, but it's just..

Akashi's voice called out my name, causing me to snap out of my thoughts. "pay attention." He said with a slight glare. "I'm not going to repeat this twice."

"Y-yes, Akashi-kun."

"I think I got the hang of it."

"That's good." Akashi stated and hop off the horse. "You go ahead and try it on your own."

"Okay!" I said cheerfully as I gripped the reins tightly. "I'm going to try my best."

Akashi simply nodded, as he watched me from the sideline.


Wrap my legs around..and look forward..

A shocked expression grazed my face as the horse move forward. That shock expression quickly to the ones happy as I look towards the redhead.

"Akashi-kun!" I chirped, waving my arm at him. "Look it's moving!"

"Pay attention. You'll fall if you don't." He said with his arms crossed. As if jinxing it, the horse suddenly turned causing me to go unbalance and fell off the horse.

"Ouch." I uttered out, sitting up from the greenfield."That hurts."

Footsteps were heard as the person that could only be Akashi walked towards me. He then sighed and crouched eye level with me with a look that voiced out 'I told you so'.

I looked down in embarrassment as I was told not once to pay attention and look what I did. I didn't pay attention, and fell off the horse, managing to scrape my knee in the process.

"We should get that disinfected." Akashi said holding out a hand to me which I hesitantly took.

Way to go me.

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