chapter 22 [oh no]

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For this chapter and the next..
The italic words will be in 3rd Pov.
The normal/non-italic will be in 1st pov like always.

That's all.

"H-hello?" Was the first thing I said when I picked up a call from an unfamiliar number.

"Hello." The person from the other side greeted back with a chuckle. "Is it me you're looking for?"


"Yup." He said popping the 'p'.

"Oh hello!" I greeted again with more enthusiasm this time. " why did you call?"

"Ah. Right." He chuckled. "I wondering if you and I could hang out today?"

"What?" I asked, sitting up on my bed in surprise. "You wanted to hang out with me?"

"Yeah." Another chuckle was heard from the other line. "Why are so surprise?"

"N-no, it's just one has asked me to hang out with them before."

"Really? How come?" Himuro sounded surprised.

"I'm not really person." I said awkwardly. "So...I don't really have many friends..."

"Mhm.." Himuro hummed in understanding. "..not even Akashi? He never asked you for a hangout?"

"Well.." I trailed off. "We went out before..but it's not really a hangout.."

"Hm..if that's the case, I'm glad I could be the first one to asked." Himuro said in a cheerful yet slightly husky tone. "Anyways, where do you want to meet up?"

"Huh? You're serious?"

"...well yeah?"


Himuro and I really did go on a hangout.

When I told father that I'll be hanging out, he thought it's a joke and laughed. He even said that the joke's funny. 

I'm quite offended by that.

It may be true that I'm a social awkward, but you didn't have to do that either, father.

And so, I just left the scene without telling both my parents any more information than the fact that I'll be out with a friend.

To be honest, I was quite surprised that Himuro even asked me. I mean, I haven't known him that long and he just asked for my number yesterday.

"Are you okay?" A concerned voice asked,causing me to snapped out of my thoughts. "Do you not like the place?"

"Huh? Oh, No! Nothing like that!" I quickly reassured. "I just space out."

"I see." Himuro chuckled. "How's the ice cream?"

"It's good." I smiled, scooping another piece. "Thanks for the treat."

"No problem." He smiled back.

As of right now, we're at an ice cream place, eating ice cream. I mean really, what else will we be doing?

Before this, he actually asked me if I'm allergic to milk or anything, to which I answered 'no.' That leads us to where we are right now.

An ice cream place.

"Ah, you have something on your face." Himuro said, pointing to his cheek.

"Hm? Here?" I asked, whipping the left side of my cheek.

"No, the other side." He said, pointing to the same place he did a while ago.


"No." Himuro chuckled and extend his arm. "Here, let me help." He then wiped the side of my cheek with his thumb. That surprise me, but what surprised me the most was the fact that he licked the ice cream off his thumb.

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