chapter 21 [getting the rings]

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Days have passed since father got a stomach ache. I felt kind of sorry for him. Father didn't have to force himself to eat a whole bowl of the 'soup', but he did anyway.

He must have loved mother so much to do such thing.

Anyway, as the schedule indicated, I'll be picking the rings with Seijurou today.

Oh boy...

As usual, I'm at the train station again, but this time, instead of me going to Kyoto, Seijurou's the one who's coming to Tokyo.

I waited for awhile before the train Seijurou was in arrived and there among the crowd was the familiar redhead of mine.

Wait...'of mine?'

Did I seriously just...

Shaking my thoughts away, I called out to Seijurou, indicating that I'm here.

He was wearing a casual clothing.
I never really pay attention before, but Seijurou sure does have a good sense of fashion. Well, that's no much a surprise, to be honest.

"Did you wait long?" Seijurou asked as he walked over to me.

"No, not really." I chuckled awkwardly. "Glad you make it."

"Yeah, sure." He said, letting out a very microscopic smile. I'm not bragging or anything, but it was quite amazing of me to even see it.

"Ah right." I cried, clapping my hands together. "My mother has already told the chauffeur where we would be going, what was it called again? Ah! Hanalulu was it?"

"Yeah, the place where our parent(s) have suggested." Seijurou answered casually as he shrugged his shoulder. "A rather weird name."

"I have to agree on that." I chuckled. "Anyway, the chauffeur is already here, so let's get going."


Seijurou followed me to the car. We entered and not long after we arrived at the place.

"So this is the place?" I asked Seijurou to which he just looked at me confusedly and said, "The store's name clearly said, 'Hanalulu', of course it's the place."

"Ah..right." I Laughed awkwardly. "It was stupid of me."

"Let's go inside." Seijurou said, ignoring my previous statement as he pointed his thumb at the store.

"Uh...yeah, let's do that."

Seijurou nodded his head and went inside the store with me following after. The place was not crowded, but it was not empty either. Some people were curiously eyeing our way, probably wondering why teens like us even here.

An old shopkeeper smiled as we entered the store and welcome us.

"What are you looking for?" The shopkeeper asked kindly. "A ring? Necklace?"

"Ring please." I said shyly.

"Oh, a gift for a friend perhaps?"

" it was..." I Shuttered out looking at my finger nails, embarrassedly. "Um.."

"Engagement rings." Seijurou said it for me without hesitation. "Can you recommend the best ones here?"

"Engagement rings it is- wait what?" She asked in surprise.

"Yes, engagement rings." Seijurou answered. "Can you recommend the best ones here?" He repeated.

"Oh yes!" The lady spluttered out. "Please wait a moment." She went inside the staff room and not long after that brought out 3 small boxes.

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