Chapter 20 [bad cooking]

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"So.." said the man in front of me, who is currently crossing his arms together, looking rather entertain. "You spend the night with Seijurou in a hotel room."

"Yes, father." I said, looking at my fingertips. "It was quite late, so we thought we should stay the night. There's only one room left, so we have no choice to shared the room, but I promise you, father. Nothing happen!"

"Hmm?" Father hummed, tilting his head to the side. "Are you sureee?"

"Yes, father." I said exasperatedly. "Nothing happen."

"Alright, if you say so." Father chuckled, finally letting it off. "I'll believe you."

"I'm serious..."

"Yeah...yeah.." Father chuckled and walked towards his office mumbling under his breath how kids these days grow up so fast.

"Nothing happen though.." I muttered out.

To be honest, something did happen, but nothing 'kinky' like what father said and I quote. Even the thought of it made me shiver.

After those awkward questions father asked me, I thought I'll spend the day, reading or something, but that plan has to be terminated since mother has created a new one for me.


Oh no.

"Mother..." I called out, nervously. "Why are we doing this again?"

"Why you ask?" Mother asked me back in amusement. "Soon, you'll be getting engage and then married. You should at least know how to cook."

"But mother, you can't cook either-"

"Yes, I can!" Mother cut me off, offended. "Stop talking nonsense and let's start already."

"Alright, mother." I sighed. "Whatever you said."

Mother can't cook despite what she said, I still remember the time she tried to cook for father but, somehow manage to burn them. What's worse is that it was boiled. How she managed to burned something boiled was beyond me.

And now, she's teaching me how to cook?

"Right so..." mother mumbled to herself as she flipped the pages of a cooking book. "What should we cook..."

"How about a soup?" A voice suggested. "I mean you can't burn them right?"

"Father." I called out, chuckling at his comment. "Well.... you never know."

"Both of you." Mother growled. "Don't test me."

"Alright, alright." Father, who was reclining on the doorway, raised his hands defensively. "I'll not suggest any more."

"No. I want to you to get out of the kitchen."

"Hah? How come? Can't I see my lovely wife, cooking in the kitchen?" Father pouted.

"No, get out of the kitchen!" Mother growled once more, pointing her fingers towards the exit. "Out."

Father raised his eyebrow amusedly and chuckled once more before exiting the kitchen like what mother have commanded. "Alright, make sure to give some for me~"

"That's not happening!" Mother shouted back.

I, for one, who have been watching the whole scene can't help but asked mother as to why she kicked father out of the kitchen. To which she mumbled something along the line of 'I don't want him to laugh at me.' With a slightly flushed cheeks on her face.

And so we started cooking.

Mother actually took father's suggestion about the soup and as of now, it's looking pretty great.

"So...mother, what are we cooking exactly?" I asked. It seems ridiculous to asked this now but, I've just been following mother instruction for a while, not knowing what we're cooking. All I knew is that we're cooking soup.

"I'm....not sure's not looking that great."

"What? It's not?"

"'s not supposed to be a soup. I think we put too much water. "


"Oh geez."

In the end, whatever we're making that's not supposed to be a soup turned into one. It doesn't look bad, I mean it looked edible, so....

"Hmm....what's this smell?" A familiar man asked, entering the kitchen. "It actually smells good."

"Father." I greeted, moving away from the pot, making a space so that father could see.

"Oh, you did make a soup." Father commented. "I didn't think you would listen to my suggestion." Father chuckled, giving a small peck on mother's cheeks.

"I-It's not, i-it's..." she shuttered in embarrassment. " w-we weren't..."

"Hm?" Father hummed, letting a small smile. "Why are you embarrassed? It's just a small peck on the cheeks you know~"

"No, I-I'm not."

"You sure? You're shuttering right now."

"I-I'm not."

"What's that then? My, how cute."

"I-I said I'm not!"

"Um...hello?" I asked, butting in. "I'm still here you know?"

"Oh right." Father said, chuckling awkwardly. "I'll give it a test, then."

Father grabbed a bowl from the cupboard and started to scoop the 'soup' into the bowl. Mother looked kinda horrified because we haven't exactly tested it yet.


Before mother could even stop him, the 'soup' has entered his mouth.

Father expression was indescribable, I can't tell whether or not it's good by his expression.

"H-how was it?" Mother asked.

"Interesting. Really interesting."


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