chapter 26 [and so..tmu]

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This will be easy.

All I have to do is just play back what Kei had said to Seijurou and further explain the details.

The only thing I have to worry about now is that, will I have the chance to even play it back to him? I can tell that he's pissed, so I don't exactly know.

As of right now, I'm in front of the Akashis' mansion. If this was the 1st time I was here, I would be a nervous reck but thankfully, it was not.

My father's friend dropped me off. She was quite the charming type, but that's not what I'm supposed to be focusing right now. I should be ringing the door bell, but I don't seem to have the guts to.

I raised my hand before putting it back down. For some reason, I really just can't do it. I am fully aware that Seijurou's angry at me, but it has to be done. He must know what really happened!

'Darn it just do it already!' I thought to myself as I raised my finger to press the button before backing off like a coward again.

I don't know how long exactly I was outside, but apparently it's long enough for it to start raining. With that I really have not choice, but to ring the doorbell.

But to be fair, the sky was quite dark when I got here, despite it was 12:00 a.m.

"Good afternoon, wh- oh my goodness! Dear when did you get here? How long have you been outside? Oh dear, let me open the door." A woman's voice I recognized as the maid said through the speaker.

Not long after she said that, the same maid as the one who gave the dress a while back opened the door.

She was carrying an umbrella, proctecting herself from the rain. When she got to me, she cover my head using the umbrella from the rain, but that doesn't seem to help that much since I'm already soaking wet.

I'm thankful anyway.




Akashi was playing shogi against himself in his room when he heard the doorbell rang from outside. He didn't bother to get up since it's the maid's or bulter's job to open the door for guest.

He figured it was his father's guest or something.

Akashi still felt conflicted about what he said to her last time. It was quite rude of him to not let her explain anything. He did, but her excuse seems so fake to him.

He further analyzed the picture and can't find anything 'edited' about them. All of them seems to be in their original form.

He was right after all.

Or that's what he thought at least.

Akashi stopped for a moment as he realized that his father was out on a business trip during this time. It doesn't make sense if there were guests coming here today.

'Maybe they're here to give some papers.' He thought to himself, moving a shogi's piece forward. 'Yeah, that probably it.'

He just assumed that until one of his father's trusted butler knocked on his door.

"Come in." Akashi permitted.

As told, the butler entered the room. "Young master." The butler greeted. "You have a guest. She wants to talk to you."

Akashi paused his game and turned toward the butler. "What?" He asked, slightly confused. "Who is it?"

As far as he is concern, he's not involved with his father's company's work just yet. So whoever was here to meet him can't be anyone related to his father's work. He doesn't have much friends either, especially the one who's a girl. The only girl he knows that's the he's partly close with was-

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