Chapter 25

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Today's the day! I jumped out of bed and threw on some random clothes, not really caring about what i was wearing since I'd change later on for the "triple wedding". That's what I liked to call it since Zayn and Perrie, Liam and Hazel, and Louis and Mary were all getting married today.

"Zoe, hurry up and get dressed you and the girls are leaving for your hotel room soon," Harry shouted.

"Coming! But do you know where Louis, Liam, and Zayn are," I asked him.

"They already went to their hotel room since it's traditional for them to not see their fiance's till the wedding," Niall said appearing from the kitchen with a pack of chips in his hand. "We're leaving soon just have to get you guys to your hotel room safely."

I nodded and headed to the kitchen to grab a granola bar then hopped into the car, where Perrie, Mary, Hazel and Hazel's daughter Kendall were already waiting. I took my goddaughter from Hazel and started playing with her. We arrived at the hotel and Harry and Niall walked us to our room. Inside was total chaos all the dresses hung in every open area, hair care products everywhere. Perrie's band mates and best friends were also there they were bridesmaids and somehow the people getting married saw it fit, that me, a fourteen year old girl was to be the maid of honor. Since I was the maid of honor I was wearing a short purple dress with a white bow around the chest area, while the bridesmaids had the same dresses only they touched their ankles.

After everyone was ready it was almost time for us to be there so we headed out. The wedding hall was absolutely beautiful and perfect. The bridesmaid and the groomsmen walked down and then came each of the brides. After each couple had made their vows and kissed we walked outside to take pictures and then we headed to the reception(A/N okay so I'm a brown girl and i've only ever been to brown weddings so I'm kinda winging this sry if i'm wrong).

It was great fun, we danced and me and Daniel talked. Then it came time for me to make my speech. "Well I'd just like to firstly say congratulations to the three new couples! Perrie it's amazing to have you as my sister in law, I can't wait to spend more time with you and one day I'll hopefully be an aunt to yours and Zayn's child," I said making the two blush. "Liam, Hazel thank you for making me the godmother to Kendall, I love her and if you need a baby sitter you know I'm here. Mary and Louis, you guys are perfect for each other, Louis is extremely mischievous, but has a responsible side. And Mary is responsible but when she wants to be she can be totally wild! I love all you guys, have fun together and enjoy life!"

Daniel was waiting for me after I finished my speech and he asked me to dance. I obviously agreed. We danced for quite a while and we kept slowly moving closer until finally his lips were upon mine and we were kissing. It was perfect, they don't lie about the sparks, they're actually there. Daniel kissed with passion and love and I kissed back just as happily. We finally broke apart gasping for breath, he looked and me and smiled.

"Zoe Alexis Malik, will you be my girlfriend," he asked.

"Yes of course I will Daniel," and then I kissed him yet again.


Author's Note

Well guys now the first books over! I'm sorry it took me so long to update but I still don't have my phone back and being caught on wattpad would've gotten me in more trouble, but in the end I managed to risk it for like half an hour and write this. I'll post an A/N on this book when the sequels up till then could I ask you guys a favor? I need 9 more vote for this to get to 150 vote and if you could do that it would make me really happy thanks guys!

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