Chapter 20

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I was in the process of getting ready for school this morning when I got a text from Daniel.

Hey Zoe I'm really sorry but I'm sick and I can't come to school today. I hate the thought of u having to deal with everyone alone but my moms making me stay home😔

It's alright Danny I think I'll make it through today I hope you feel better😊

I headed downstair and ate my breakfast. I got in the car that Niall would be driving to school.

I was at my locker getting my books when all of a sudden my locker door was slammed shut.

"Well well well looks like the b***h doesn't have her bodyguard today," Robyn said smirking.

"He's my friend not my bodyguard and get it right I think you're the b***h as well as the s**t," I remarked.

"Oh looks like the idiot gained some confidence. Too bad it won't last long," Robyn exclaimed kicking my shin hard.

I sighed and lifted up my jeans, there was already a bruise forming. I headed off to class hoping my day would be slightly better.

I was wrong, the whole school was in on the teasing. The only people physically hurting me were Mark and Robyn. But so far the worst was definitely when Mark slammed my head against my locker as I was getting my lunch. I've had this pounding headache all day.

It was finally seventh period, the last period of the day. I had gym today though, which meant facing Robyn. We were playing soccer and the teacher made Robyn and I captains. My position was forward and Robyn went and picked the same position as me.

It was the last few minutes of class before we went inside to change. I had the ball and I raced towards the goal but Robyn ran up to me, tripped me then stole the ball and turned around it wouldn't have been so bad just losing the game, even if it was to Robyn, but when I fell I landed on my ankle and now it was in a weird angel. I got up slowly and noticed that it hurt to put weight on it.

I limped out of the school and to Louis' waiting car. I put my backpack in the backseat and got in the front.

"Hey Louis," I said wincing slightly as I put weight on my ankle.

"You okay there sport? You just winced a bit," Louis questioned.

"I fell in gym, we were playing soccer and I landed on my ankle," I told him leaving out that Robyn had tripped me.

"Alright when we get home you can put some ice on it," he suggested.

I nodded as we pulled up to the house. Louis put my backpack in his shoulders and scooped me up. I giggled slightly at him.

"Hey Zo– Louis what in the world are you doing," Zayn questioned.

"Well Zoe here hurt her ankle playing football in gym so I decided I'd carry her," Louis answered setting me down on the couch.

Niall came out of the kitchen holding a pack of ice and admitted that he heard the whole conversation while he was looking for food. Zayn propped my ankle up on a pillow and looked at it.

"Are you sure you only fell? It looks like someone kicked and tripped you. Hey and you have a bruised shin," Zayn exclaimed pushing my jeans up so he could place the ice pack down.

I sighed I guess later is better than never. "Zayn I've got something to tell you..."

Authors Note
Hey guys! I hoped you liked the chapter. I'd like to thank Twisted_In_Life  for the new cover! Isn't it amazayn guys? I think it is. So you know stay beautiful!!

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