Chapter 21

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"Zayn the bullying never stopped and after we came back from vacation it just got worse. Robyn managed to turn the whole school against me even my friends. All except one person who without I would not have got through this much," I told him. "Daniel has now become my best and only true friend, he helped me out with all the bullying."

Zayn stood there looking pissed before the silence was broken by Louis.

"Ugh that b**ch! I thought the school dealt with it after I called," Louis exclaimed loosing his temper.

"Louis language," Liam snapped. "And your scaring Zoe more than she already is."

"Zayn," I sobbed. "I'm so sorry I didn't tell you earlier I feel so guilty now."

"Shh Zoe it's alright for now let's get you to the hospital to get you ankle checked out," Zayn soothed. He picked me up and headed to the car.

Half an hour later we were back home, my ankle was wrapped up in a light blue cast and my crutches were propped up against the wall. Yeah, that's right, Robyn had broken my ankle. The boys had went up to my school to discuss the situation and the boys girlfriends were here with me.

"Oh guys! I have an idea," exclaimed Hazel, Liam's fiancé. "We should paint each other's nails!"

Everyone agreed and I told Mary, Louis fiancé where all my nail polish was. A couple minutes later she was back with the box. Rose wanted to me to paint her nails and Perrie wanted to paint mine. Hazel was painting Mary's and Mary was painting Hazel's and Perrie and Nikki were painting each other's. I guess you could say the living room was a bit chaotic.

We were in the living room watching Mean Girls when we heard the door open. The boys walked in and sat down next to their girlfriends or fiancés.

"Zoe I think you'll be happy about this, you're not going back to school for the rest of the year," Niall told me.

"Really?" I questioned. "This is the best day ever! But can I ask why?"

"Well the school was being stupid and didn't want to do anything about the bullying so we decided to just pull you out," Harold said.

"So does that mean I'll be going to a different school next year," I asked.

"Yep hopefully everything will be better once we find a school," Zayn told me.

"Thanks you guys I love you," I said.

"We love you too Zoe," everyone said in unison.

"Well now that you're not going to school you can help me Liam, Zayn and our fiancés with something," Louis smirked.

"And what exactly is that?" I inquired.

"Wedding planning," the six of them exclaimed.

I groaned. "No lovey dovey stuff and I'm fine with it."

They all smirked. My eyes widened. "No guys don–," too late I thought. Liam, Louis, and Zayn each grabbed their fiancés and started making out with them.

Authors Note
Hey guys sorry I took so long to update. I hoped you enjoyed it and sorry it's kinda short I have to work on getting math grade up. I hope you understand. Oh and I found this really great One Direction app that I'm in love with. It's called Ultimate Fan Club One Direction and has a bunch of adorable pictures of them and fun quizzes. Love you guys and thanks for reading and voting!

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