Chapter 19

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The rest of the week was full of glares from my old friends and constant bullying from Robyn. I don't know what I would've done without Daniel by my side. My crush that I had on him had grown now, I was in love. Tonight we were going out to eat at this really fancy restaurant, all the boys girlfriends would be there, Nikki, Rose, Perrie, Mary, and of course Hazel.

I got dressed in a black sparkly dress that stopped just above the knees and my favorite pair of black and maroon flats. I headed downstairs with my phone to see everyone hanging out. Niall was in the kitchen with Nikki as they both at ice cream. Harry was casually making out with Rose as were Zayn and Perrie. Louis and Mary were trying to think of a good way to prank the other boys, though they weren't being very secretive about it. And Liam sat with Hazel on the couch, his hand on Hazel's pregnant belly as they talked lightly.

"HEY," I shouted to get their attention. They all covered their ears but Louis and Mary shouted hello back, they're such children. I smiled innocently and we all got up and started heading to the car.

We got to the restaurant which turned out to be French and they only spoke French. Luckily Nikki was a fluent French speaker since her mother was French. She helped us order and get settled. The food came soon and I was amazed at how good it was, I had never had French food before so this was exciting for me. We soon finished and right before Harry called for the check Louis stood up.

***Louis' P.O.V***
Harry was just about to have Nikki call for the check when I stood up and headed towards Mary. I got down on one knee next to her and took a deep breath. "Mary Razz, I have loved you since I first laid eyes on you at that party. You stole my heart but I realized, that I don't won't it back because I belong with you. I cannot imagine a future for me without you. So Mary Razz will you marry me?"

"Louis... oh Louis, of course I will," she exclaimed tears running down her cheeks. I slid the ring on her finger and pulled her into a long kiss.

***Zoe's P.O.V***
Everyone watched as Louis pulled Mary into a kiss. It was so sweet, I was mentally awwing. I didn't do it out loud so I didn't ruin their moment, but something else did. A scream. Hazel's scream.

"Liam, my water just broke," Hazel shouted clutching her abdomen.

Liam picked her up bridal style and rushed to his car and drove away. We all stood shocked for a moment until Harry spoke up.

"Well I think I should go pay them we can go wait for the two at the hospital," Harry said. "Nikki could you–uh like tell the waiter we want the check?"

She nodded. Harry payed for dinner and we all got in the car to the hospital. We went into the waiting room and waited.

**Four Hours Later**
"Mr. Payne's friends? A Mr. Liam Payne is giving his friends Louis, Mary, Harry, Rose, Niall, Nikki, Zayn, Perrie, and Zoe a permission to see his child," a nurse told us.

We followed her to the room to see Hazel lying on the bed, looking tired but extremely happy. And Liam? He was holding his daughter.

"Everyone this is Kendall Grace Payne, goddaughter of Zoe, Mary and Louis," Liam announced.

"Liam you made me a godparent? But why," I questioned.

"You deserved it sweetheart," this time Hazel spoke. "Oh and we also have one other announcement. Liam proposed! And I said yes!

Authors Note
Hey guys! I hoped you enjoyed the update! I wasn't originally planning to update today but I was bored so I decided to anyway. Once again Niall's girlfriend Nikki is my friend 18_OneDirection_18 so while your waiting for my next update go check out her work and follow her too! Love ya guys bye☺️

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