Chapter 18(OMG!! 18 is one of my fav 1D songs!!)

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Our two week vacation to California was perfect! It was just what everyone needed to get all the stress off their shoulders. We went cliff diving which Hazel did not do since she was pregnant and Liam joined her to keep her company. We also went to the movie premiere for Batman Vs. Superman. But I didn't really get to enjoy it that much because Liam and Louis spent the whole movie arguing who was better.

"Zoe c'mon get in the car you're going to be late for school," Zayn shouted.

"Coming," I said as I grabbed my backpack and ran to the car. We pulled up at school ten minutes later.

"Zoe, don't let Robyn get to you and if she does anything tell me straight away I know it's hard but it's the only way she'll stop," Zayn explained.

I simply nodded. I said goodbye to him and got out of the car. I went to my locker and got my books for first and second period. I saw Sarah heading to her locker and waved to her. I was surprised when she glared at me. I ignored it and headed off to first period science.

All day my friends gave me looks and ignored me. Finally lunch came and I headed over to my table. "Hey guys," I called. "What's up?"

"Get out of here you scumbag," Mark said through gritted teeth. The others except Daniel agreed.

"Guys what is wrong with you? What did she ever do to you?" Daniel asked.

"Robyn's right about her she's just an idiot," Alex said.

"Yeah come on guys, let's get a different table," Lauren added.

Everyone left except for Daniel. He smiled at me and patted the seat next to him.

"Thanks for not, you know, betraying me," I told him.

"Hey that's what true friends are for," he replied.

"Well, well, well I see the b**ch is back," Robyn smirked. "Oh and look she's only left with one loser of a guy as a friend. You should've know they'd leave you, after all who'd want to be friends with someone like you? See you later s**t."

The end of the day couldn't have come any slower. My classes were no longer fun without anyone to talk to. Yeah I mean there was Daniel but he was only in three of my classes out of eight total.

I watched Liam's car pull up, it was rare for Liam to come pick me up as he was usually helping out Hazel who was eight and a half months pregnant. "Hi Liam," I said.

"Hey Zoe, how was school," he questioned.

"It was alright, boring as usual as its school," I told him trying to keep everything hidden. And luckily he bought it because he lightly chuckled.

"Liam you got a chance to come pick me up today, want to explain," I asked.

"Oh yeah about that, I was just about to tell you, Hazel moved in with us for a little while," he replied. "Just until the baby is born and then her and I will see from there."

"That's great Liam, I love Hazel she's awesome," I exclaimed. He smiled.

I got home and did my homework, by the time I was finished Harry called is all down for dinner. It was a bit weird with Hazel at the table but I was glad for another female in the house. We chatted and I tried to act as natural as I could but it was hard as the days' events were still on my mind.

I got up and stretched, put my plate in the sink and went upstairs to take a shower. I waited half and hour for my hair to dry and then headed to bed. I finally got a chance to let it all out and ended up crying myself to sleep.

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