Chapter 16

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***Niall's P.O.V***
While the others wanted to spend today, Sunday, relaxing I had other things in mind. I woke up at ten in the morning and headed into the bathroom to take a shower. I got dressed in a white t-shirt, black pants, a leather jacket, and black vans(A/N picture above). I styled my hair like I usually did and sprayed a bit of cologne making sure not to overdo it. I grabbed my phone, keys and wallet and headed downstairs.

"Lads I'm off to Nandos," I called trying to rush out the door.

"Niall wait, come back here," Liam stopped me.

I sighed and slowly shout the door and headed back to the living room where all the boys were sitting watching football(soccer).

"So tell me Niall, where are you going wearing cologne," Liam questioned.

"Ooh Nialler's got a date," Louis exclaimed.

"Fine I do have a date," I said trying not to scream. "And I was going to Nandos."

"Bye Niall have fun on your date with Nikki," Zoe called smirking.

I shook my head and sighed as I jogged out of the house. I started my car and drove to Nandos. I made sure I looked alright first and then headed inside. I headed to the table I had called ahead to reserve and found Nikki already there waiting for me.

"Hey," I greeted. "Sorry I took a while, the lads held me up."

"It's alright I only got here like five minutes ago anyway," she told me.

Our waiter came and we ordered I got my usual and since it was Nikki's first time at Nandos she decided to get what I had gotten. We talked for a while and we both finished our food pretty quickly. I called the waiter back over and ordered two chocolate chip lava cookies with ice cream on top for dessert.

"Oh Niall, you didn't have to order dessert," Nikki protested.

"Nonsense it was my treat. And don't even think of offering to pay for dessert, I invited you on this date so I am paying," I told her. She smiled at me and dessert was soon brought to us we dug in and enjoyed the wonderful taste.

"Nikki...could I ask you something?" I said to her.

"Go ahead Niall," she answered.

"I know we haven't known each other long and this is our first date," I started carefully. "But I've never met a girl who makes me feel like this, all tingly inside, you're beautiful and I'd love to have the honor to call you my girlfriend. So will you be mine?"

Nikki did something that completely surprised me, she leaned in and kissed me and I kissed back as if it were instinct.

"Yes Niall, you can have the honor of calling me you're girlfriend," she responded smiling.

Nikki and I kissed on last time before parting our separate ways to head home. I rushed into the house and screamed, "Lads, Zoe, I have a girlfriend!"

Authors Note
Hey guys sorry it's been a long time since I updated school started up again the Monday that just passed. And I have PARCC starting Monday so the teachers gave us a lot of homework. If any of you are waiting for an update on The Singing Duo I might be updating that later tonight if I have time. For now, enjoy this chapter.

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